Tuesday, February 22, 2011

These two are from last night...

I had two dreams last night, back to back. How they correlate to each other, if they do, I don't know:

1. I am at a loft party asking people for a cigarette but nobody takes me up on it, ignoring me and continuing on with their conversations. I come across a girl on a couch, wearing a furry hat, who at first I thought was a dog. I ask her for a cigarette. I tell her I thought she was a puppy at first and she laughs and gives me a cigarette. Before I can even lite it, we start making out violently and rolling around on the couch. I remember wanting to pause to catch my breath but she wouldn't let me.

2. I am in a room of glass. An old friend of mine from high school, who wasn't so much a friend as a friend of a friend, passes by and I press my palm against the glass but he ignores it. Then I hear a tap on the glass and I am let out of the room into a space of darkness. I am married to a woman resembling my own mother and she tells me that she will divorce me if she ever sees me drunk again. I tell her spitefully "you're real fucking ugly when I'm drunk," and she lays down on a couch and agrees with me.

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