Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dream Journal / Blog: Entry #5


So I'm living alone currently and I had a really hard time going to sleep last night ... I kept hearing noises throughout the house and one of my biggest fears is ghosts so I was legitimately curled up with my eyes wide open ... i wasn't even trying to dream but I ended up having this really weird dream and I am surprised I even remember it ...

This is one of my more "jumbled" dreams ... there were a lot of segments broken up that all correlate with one another ...

a. One segment I remember is driving in a car, with maybe my younger brother? I'm the driver and it's nighttime and I think we're driving through what looks like the suburbs of Vegas? Anyways ... I guess at one point we're driving through a red stoplight and I t-bone this car coming in another direction ... The dream all of a sudden goes in slow motion and instead of swerving or putting my foot on the break, I literally press down the gas as hard as I can and ram this guy ... all I remember is his face looking at me from his car in complete shock ... and me and my brother just drive away ... D: ... hit and run driver much?

b. It cuts to me walking a dog I guess? I haven't had a dog in years and I guess I have a german shepherd in my dream ... I'm walking him through this parking area for a condo/apartment development (again night time)

c. The dream then goes to me returning home from walking the dog ... I see the police patrolling the neighborhood and I get really fucking freaked out. I confess to my parents what happened, with the whole driving incident, and they're like weirdly supportive ... basically they're like ok we'll hide this secret from the police.

d. The next thing I remember is the cops coming to our house, interrogating us, seeing if we know anything / have heard of anything ... of course we're all lying ... the cops start looking at our family photos on the wall, searching through the house, etc. and then leave ...

I'm missing a lot of pieces from the dream but that was the gist of it ... I remember just being terrified of the cops finding out ... It was a lot weirder then it sounds ... it's funny cause this morning i knew i had dreams but i couldnt remember them ... in class today i had an epiphany, remembering this dream here ... :P

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