Friday, February 18, 2011

Bizarre Dream Of The Week

So, last night I dreamt that I was on a road trip to Indiana with some friends from high school. We decided it would be faster to drive only on beaches instead of taking the highway (how that makes sense I do not know).

Now we're driving on a bunch of beaches but its a lot harder driving on sand than we had thought. There are also a lot of rocks and drift wood on the ground so we have to sort of swerve around them. Eventually, one of our tires pops and we have to get out and figure what to do.

So, we jump out of the car and are inspecting the damage when my roommate's family appears. (I have never met my roommates parents, so they are totally made up people in my dream). Apparently they had been having a bon fire on this random beach (which is weird because they're from the east coast). For some reason they were really mad at us, yelling and stuff. My roommate's mom is telling me and my friends that we're going to go to hell (I have no idea why, I'm sure she's really nice in real life). We don't really know what to do, these people are being really mean and we're stranded on this beach. Finally we decide to just leave our car and walk to rest of the way to Indiana, leaving the angry family behind.

Who knows what that was all about?

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