Tuesday, May 7, 2013

more class photos

Here are a couple of shots from our work this semester. I'll post more here tomorrow, when I have a chance to download them:

group photos

Well, our photographer is no pro, but here are our group shots from team Alden!

Monday, May 6, 2013


This week will be our final visit, exhibition, and event at Alden. Here's what you'll need!

1. your finished final projects, installed and ready to discuss in our classroom by 9am!
2. your name and title + artist statement, printed in 14 point Arial type on plain paper
3. diagram of yourself in the year 2075, also on plain white printer paper

* CTA card
* popcorn, toppings, bowls, fruit + nuts
* lunch to go

See you all soon....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Synesthesia in Painting (in Chicago)

Chicago's Morpho Gallery will highlight the paintings of Tim Vitek from May 4th - June 5th 2013, with an opening reception on Saturday May 4th from 6 - 10 pm. As the owner of Grid Based Beats, a producer of electronic music and long-time visual artist, Vitek constantly explores the relationship between visual art, sound and sensation. The illusory properties of his visual pieces encourage a contemplation of what is materially present and what only appears to be present. Vitek's work revolves around a central principle: that sound and color share a measurable system, and that this system can be applied universally. Vitek's most recent sonic works will accompany the exhibition, allowing visitors a chance to experience the sensation of synesthesia for themselves.

Morpho Gallery is located at 5216 North Damen Ave. in Chicago.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Grandparents Workshop

While I was in elementary school, my art teacher used to teach me how to paper cut. It's really easy to practice paper cut. You just need to learn how to fold them properly and knowing the specific place to cut. Moreover, if you do not expect any specific shapes out of your paper cut, you can just fold the an uncut paper several times and cut it freely as you want, it will turn out to be some interesting shapes that you wouldn't even expect.

Crochet would also be an interesting workshop to do at the nursing home. Moreover, I found several variable workshop that are applicable. Here are some pictures I found on internet.

Covey's post

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I think the most rewarding, valuable part of working with the elderly will be hearing and reminiscing in their stories and memories. Rather than only listening to their wisdom and words, it would be very ideal to be able to document them through audible recordings, written documents, or art. Like Storycorps, people record the memories and significance of the elderly and create a compilation in order to honor the lives of people. 


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Making Sensory 4/9

Hi all, here's what you'll need for this week:

READ: Nagala'at + Katerina Seda essays
1.) Your CTA U-PASS!
2.) Materials for sensory dough:
* small container of cream of tartar (from the spice section of the grocery store)
* 1 package of GENERIC jell-o ... whatever color/flavor you want to use
 * mixing bowl
* sturdy mixing spoon or spatula
* big glass/pyrex or microwavable measuring cup
* measuring spoons
* lightweight cutting mat / board
* a few cups of flour
3.) a Recording Device (- can be your laptop, iphone or audiorecorder for audio, camera or videocamera for visuals) + your sketchbook.