Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Making Sensory 1/29

Hello all, Welcome to the first week of Research Studio II: Making Sensory. Here's our checklist for this week:

 READ (+highlight/mark passages of interest for class discussion/your own work):
* Diane Ackerman, A Natural History of the Senses, "The Bloom of a Taste Bud"
* Rachel Herz, the Scent of Desire, excerpt

POST something you find interesting or relevant on the topic of smell/taste.
Posting should include your own response to the article, recipe, artist profile, science info etc. along with:
* relevant hyperlink(s), like this one on sensory deprivation mapping (!)
* a related image or video (from the site you're linking to, or just something you find that fits the topic) 

BRING to the next class...
* your marked-up readings
* CTA U-Pass card
* a little cash $ for a single grocery item. NOTE: credit cards may not be accepted where we're going. $5 should be sufficient.
* one shareable smell sample related to your personal experience.This can be something applied to the skin (oil, lotion, perfume), something diffused, sprayed or steamed into the air (if you have a device to do so), wafted from a jar when it is opened, etc.
please make sure it is NOT toxic or allergy-provoking!

If you have questions or have trouble posting to the blog, please email me sooner than later.