Friday, April 29, 2011

What is the link for the Flickr account? -Victor

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Chat with Milton

MILTON: I was attacked by two white boys. See they always say that the blacks are wrong, the whites can shoot and kill you as well, see? I worked for a bank, first national bank, I was a guard down there for 30 years.


MICHAEL: Did you ever get in an trouble as a kid?
MILTON: Me? Yeah I used to bust the windows playing ball. My father said aye, I understand you busted a couple windows... you and your friends. No ice cream, no shows you don't have no fun with anybody no skating board you know, nothing; until it's paid.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art? make something that people will like!

Brunice said,

" There's always good people and bad people everywhere"

"TELLING TRUTH to people is important.
You don't have to worry anything.
, and you might get better job."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"A baby swimming, Some people--They're building a hut, and That's a man riding a motorcycle underwater."

Collage by Rosemary Nunn

Milton says...

“Pearl Harbor. Just as soon we land there, y’know with the boat. Dinga-linga-ling! The war is over! The japs surrender. So I was sort of…sad, y’know.”

“I had a Buick and I had an Oldsmobile but I liked the Buick better because it didn’t cost so much gas, see?”

“All my friends, their fathers, were rich, filthy rich. My mother and I, my father, they were the poorest. So now I never see them, see? When you’re rich, you stick with the rich. When you’re poor, you stick with the poor.”

“Has anybody ever bothered you? Pull your hair? Try to touch your breasts? I went to a school like that. But I didn’t do it. I grabbed them outside and I says “next time, you won’t have a hand.””

Bob Bringer

Bob: How old am I? Guess! I'm younger than you think!
Me: 80?
Bob: I'm 95. My mother lived to be 135.
Niaz: Did you travel on a plane before?
Bob: I'll never fly again.
N: How many times did you go on the plane?
Bob: ........................ As long as they stay up there, it's good.

Milton 2

MILTON: No drinking. And no smoking ...
VICTOR: Did you have-
MILTON: ... not always.
VICTOR: Did you ever write growing up? Do you like to write?
MILTON: Yeah, sometimes.
MILTON: I go to church.
VICTOR: That's good.
MILTON: Not always, y'know.
VICTOR: Of course, of course.
MICHAEL: Do you have any favorite books?
MILTON: There was one ... but someone stole it from me.

me and Ann's art work

while visiting the nursing home i met a very interesting woman. she couldn't speak and seemed very fragile but she made a major impact on me. together we collaborated and made these pieces from clay. enjoy. i know i did :)


ALYSSA: Wait, do you like art?


ALYSSA: Do you like art?

MILTON: I like to see it … can’t say I can do it.

ALYSSA: Wait, do you want to see some of my art?


ALYSSA: Do you want to see some of my art?


MILTON: I have to have something in my ear so I can hear you.

VICTOR: Yeah. [PAUSE] Do you guys take trips up to the lake? To visit the lake ever?

MILTON: Yeah … when there’s a bus. See, everything that we wanna do, we have to do it right away. Y’know, can’t wait all the time.

VICTOR: Right.

MILTON: Some people here wanna have their hair cut, they wanna shave, and when you’re going to a nice place to eat …

VICTOR: What’s your favorite part about Chicago?

MILTON: [SMILING] Huhh […] Marshall Field, now it’s –

ALYSSA: Macy’s.


ALYSSA: Have you seen the Macy’s Flower Show?

MILTON: Here? No.


MILTON: Flowers … I didn’t make ‘em … in fact, I wouldn’t have any.



Talking with Erlinda

I didn't record her speaking, I didn't write anything down. But I remember what she had said and what she did--even then, I'm not sure if I fully understood what she was saying. Whitney had asked Erin and I if any one of us in our class was fluent in Tagalog, so I believe her English wasn't very fluent.

Erlinda, 86?

Lived in the Philippines—her father has passed
Three children: Noel, Rodell, Dennis—all sons
Her children adored her
Wants to go home, can’t get back—no money back in the Philippines, can’t use her right hand, can’t walk, two large swells on her face--along her jawlines
Clothes—no clothes? She made clothes in the Philippines? She kept point at my clothes and her clothes.
Her sons are big, bigger than me—age range 30-50 (age kept changing for each children, she can’t remember very well)
Debt? One of her sons is in debt?
No money

Near the end, I tried scooting closer to her (almost to the point of resting my chin on her arm rest) since I still couldn't really hear her very well. While she was talking she suddenly touched my face and pulled back my hair a little. It shocked me, but I didn't want to pull back in fear of hurting her. After a little while, she reached out to me and I let her touch my hair in a gesture that seemed like she was trying to pull back my hair again.

With the play-doh, she made random shapes. Just played with them and laughed--she laughed when I told her I had no idea what I was making, too. After a while when I got the courage to ask her a question, the play-doh shapes she made slowly molded back into one as she talked more and more about her despairs.


"How old am i now?
You guess how old i am...I'm younger than you think...i'm 95
my mother lived to be 135"

Bob is from Kentucky and used to be really into horse racing and won a lot of money from betting.
He likes baseball.
He also likes cats and has had about 10 cats over the years.

He does NOT like riding planes.
"I'll never fly again...when it comes down it's bad news

Bob likes riding trains for transportation.
He has been on a plane before though, to Europe.
He has been to France and Germany.

"pray before you get on a plane"

Interview with Niaz

Me: Can you speak Turkish?
N: I can only speak English. Ok, I know ice cream in Turkish. It's "Don durma."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's your family like? Your relationships?

Anita: Ooohh. I actually, my father is my role model—like, I really want to be like my father. He’s always being honest and everything. He never, like, cheating—he never really committed, you know like, crime even if it’s like minor crime. He never done it, and just—it’s like he rather be fooled than fooling people.

Me: Oooh.

Anita: Like, cause he think if—he thinks it’s better rather than being a fool, he knows he’s not a fool he’s just trying to, like.

Me: Yeah.

Anita: Yeah. And my mother—I’m really, really close with my mother. Like, I call her everyday.

Me: D’awww

Anita: And then, if I’m like back in Korea, I always stay next to her and bother her all the time. Like, “What are you doing? Why aren’t you paying attention to my conversation?!”

Anita + Me: (laughs)

Anita: As much as you get used to it, like, blah blah blah and just bother her all the time. I’m like mama-girl.

Me: (laughs)

Anita: And my brother—I used to be close, but…we’re close, but he’s like, uh, grade eleven—he’s in grade eleven now. So he’s still like, you know, like in high school--they’re like teenagers.

Me: Yeah, yeah.

Anita: Adolescent and blah blah blah. Yeah. Yeup, that is my family members.

Me: (laughs) Sounds like—Sounds like a very good family.

Anita: Mm, yup!

I know we're done with dreams but...

This one's too intense to not share.

I had the most BIZARRE dream the night before last, and it's extra weird because I remember all of it.

My boyfriend and I were walking in a field, and this military helicopter lands in front of us. A little troop got out and told me the vampires were back (back from where? Not sure.) Brian and I were horrified and upset. But the troops told us even more bad news-- They were stronger, faster, and had learn how to reanimate the dead as vampires. Not just newly dead either, like they could completely regenerate flesh, bone, and mind. Not zombies, but functional vampires.

Then I was in an art gallery, were I was having a show of my high school art work from last year, but I was going crazy because I couldn't find my Nirvana themed art (never done Nirvana themed art.. I had one piece with one lyric in it... I don't know.) Every room I went in was full of MCR art, and I was getting pissed off. I went into this all white room and there was nothing but some workers repainting the walls white, and My Chem playing on a TV screen. I turned around and found this older man, and he said something along the lines of, 'hey kid, you didn't hear this from me, but your art is in the alley, inside the ice cellar. But be careful cause there's some reckless kids with a freight train out there."

Of course, I rushed out to the alley, but the kids were out there with the freight train aimed at three girls in a bathtub. I screamed NO! but it was too late and they killed them with the train, and the tub filled with blood and overflowed. I went over and lectured the people driving the train, and they apologized and the girls got out of the bathtub and were like 'dude, we're fine.' got in a car and drove off.

With that mess taken care of, I went to the ice cellar and still couldn't find the Nirvana art, so I gave up and went back in the building. The first room I walked into was the room with my Nirvana art! And there was only one person in there looking, and he had his back to me. He was blond. I was like 'hey man, what's up! You like what you see?' or something else totally lame. He turned around and it was Kurt Cobain, with vampire marks on his neck. I was like WUT. And he was like 'i appreciate your creativity but don't use my shit in your art.' and I was like okay. But all I could think was how Brian had to meet him, so I went and got him, and when we got back Kurt was still there but told us not to be creepy and follow him, cause he wanted to keep a low profile.

SOOOO me and Brian went home and laid on my bed, looked up at the sky (cause the room had no ceiling) opened umbrellas and let them go like balloons.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sit and Look at Each Other

Hey all,

Clare and I posted our photos from the Sit and Look at Each Other project to Flickr. You can check out / share the whole set HERE and see pictures from the past year HERE. You guys are amazing.

Interview with Charlotte

ANITA: Is there any childhood memory? It doesn’t necessary has to be childhood memory, but anything that is really strong .

CHARLOTTE: Um, I have lot of memories like that, oh. I guess, when I was a little, I had a lot of ants in my house,

ANITA: really???!! Ants?!

CHARLOTTE: yeah, E-V-ERI-WHE-RE-. it’s like epidemic.

ANITA: ewwwwwww.

CHARLOTTE: really weird. And I was really scared of them, I am still scare of them now-, so usually if I see them I like scream to mom to help me. I WAS REALLY SCARED OF THE ANTS. One time I was playing by myself in the living room and my mom was taking nap. I had all these blankets and one was laid on the floor and I SEE these THE LITTLE ANTS CRAWLING ALL OVER my blanket- I started screaming I was like jumping on the couch, I don’t know to do so I just managed to ran over these to my mom, “MOM- WAKE UP- WAKE UP- I NEED HELP. The ants are everywhere-“ and my mom, I guess she was really tired, she yelled at me to stop bothering her, (giggle) I just cried by myself, I just set on the couch, waiting for the ants to disappear so I can go back to my blanket. (giggle)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Interview With Zach Hutchinson

Zach: Rabbits are usually mean. They’re not really good pets.

Casey: Yeah, they’re really bad pets.

Interview Quote

"Yeah, uh, bright colors describe me… because I'm a very bright person... most of the time I'm really outgoing and ambitious. Like, just… I'm very talkative, just in case you haven’t noticed by now, I love to talk and um I love to get to know people, so I guess just bright colors in general."
-Raven, when asked what colors describe her personality.

This is Victor's Post

VICTOR: Alright, there a particular aroma that reminds you of home or growing up?

MIKE: Yeah, grass and trees.

Anywhere you used to like/want go when you were a kid?

"I wanted to go on a road trip yea but like ummm what was is it... the only problem is that I like get car sick a lot." - Megumi

Alyssa's haunting

Michael : Have you ever had any contract with any supernatural or strange, mysterious occurrences?

Alyssa: Oh, a lot. A lot, actually.

Michael: Give me and example.

Alyssa: I’m pretty sure my old middle school is haunted. (Pause) Yeah, so basically, like, I’d go to the bathroom in my middle school and I would, like, hear footsteps and I’d ask if anyone was there and then I’d look down and there’d be no one there but I could hear the footsteps clearly and they were in the bathroom, like walking, around the stalls, but there was nobody there.

And, um, also at that same school there was, like, this ghost that a bunch of other people would see that was like in the corner, kind of by this hill, and it was like a female figure, like all white, and, like, you would think that you saw something and then you’d look away and it was gone. (Pause) I’m trying to think.

I’m pretty sure that my friend’s basement was also haunted. Like there were people that were actually murdered there and we would sleep over there and we would just like hear really weird sounds. And – it was – it was freaky, it was really scary. Yeah. But I would still sleep there and I’m pretty sure her next-door neighbors were haunted. But, yeah it was weird. There’s a few more but it’s a lot to go into (laughter).

Victor says um a lot

ALYSSA: yeah it’s been awhile. And then wait; what’s your biggest fear?

VICTOR: My biggest fear um, this was also on facebook on that 30 day challenge um I don’t know if I’m really like terrified of them but I really really don’t like centipedes.

ALYSSA: really?

VICTOR: like they shouldn’t have that many legs and they’re not supposed to move in that kind of way-