Thursday, April 7, 2011

Interview with Charlotte

ANITA: Is there any childhood memory? It doesn’t necessary has to be childhood memory, but anything that is really strong .

CHARLOTTE: Um, I have lot of memories like that, oh. I guess, when I was a little, I had a lot of ants in my house,

ANITA: really???!! Ants?!

CHARLOTTE: yeah, E-V-ERI-WHE-RE-. it’s like epidemic.

ANITA: ewwwwwww.

CHARLOTTE: really weird. And I was really scared of them, I am still scare of them now-, so usually if I see them I like scream to mom to help me. I WAS REALLY SCARED OF THE ANTS. One time I was playing by myself in the living room and my mom was taking nap. I had all these blankets and one was laid on the floor and I SEE these THE LITTLE ANTS CRAWLING ALL OVER my blanket- I started screaming I was like jumping on the couch, I don’t know to do so I just managed to ran over these to my mom, “MOM- WAKE UP- WAKE UP- I NEED HELP. The ants are everywhere-“ and my mom, I guess she was really tired, she yelled at me to stop bothering her, (giggle) I just cried by myself, I just set on the couch, waiting for the ants to disappear so I can go back to my blanket. (giggle)

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