Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's your family like? Your relationships?

Anita: Ooohh. I actually, my father is my role model—like, I really want to be like my father. He’s always being honest and everything. He never, like, cheating—he never really committed, you know like, crime even if it’s like minor crime. He never done it, and just—it’s like he rather be fooled than fooling people.

Me: Oooh.

Anita: Like, cause he think if—he thinks it’s better rather than being a fool, he knows he’s not a fool he’s just trying to, like.

Me: Yeah.

Anita: Yeah. And my mother—I’m really, really close with my mother. Like, I call her everyday.

Me: D’awww

Anita: And then, if I’m like back in Korea, I always stay next to her and bother her all the time. Like, “What are you doing? Why aren’t you paying attention to my conversation?!”

Anita + Me: (laughs)

Anita: As much as you get used to it, like, blah blah blah and just bother her all the time. I’m like mama-girl.

Me: (laughs)

Anita: And my brother—I used to be close, but…we’re close, but he’s like, uh, grade eleven—he’s in grade eleven now. So he’s still like, you know, like in high school--they’re like teenagers.

Me: Yeah, yeah.

Anita: Adolescent and blah blah blah. Yeah. Yeup, that is my family members.

Me: (laughs) Sounds like—Sounds like a very good family.

Anita: Mm, yup!

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