Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I know we're done with dreams but...

This one's too intense to not share.

I had the most BIZARRE dream the night before last, and it's extra weird because I remember all of it.

My boyfriend and I were walking in a field, and this military helicopter lands in front of us. A little troop got out and told me the vampires were back (back from where? Not sure.) Brian and I were horrified and upset. But the troops told us even more bad news-- They were stronger, faster, and had learn how to reanimate the dead as vampires. Not just newly dead either, like they could completely regenerate flesh, bone, and mind. Not zombies, but functional vampires.

Then I was in an art gallery, were I was having a show of my high school art work from last year, but I was going crazy because I couldn't find my Nirvana themed art (never done Nirvana themed art.. I had one piece with one lyric in it... I don't know.) Every room I went in was full of MCR art, and I was getting pissed off. I went into this all white room and there was nothing but some workers repainting the walls white, and My Chem playing on a TV screen. I turned around and found this older man, and he said something along the lines of, 'hey kid, you didn't hear this from me, but your art is in the alley, inside the ice cellar. But be careful cause there's some reckless kids with a freight train out there."

Of course, I rushed out to the alley, but the kids were out there with the freight train aimed at three girls in a bathtub. I screamed NO! but it was too late and they killed them with the train, and the tub filled with blood and overflowed. I went over and lectured the people driving the train, and they apologized and the girls got out of the bathtub and were like 'dude, we're fine.' got in a car and drove off.

With that mess taken care of, I went to the ice cellar and still couldn't find the Nirvana art, so I gave up and went back in the building. The first room I walked into was the room with my Nirvana art! And there was only one person in there looking, and he had his back to me. He was blond. I was like 'hey man, what's up! You like what you see?' or something else totally lame. He turned around and it was Kurt Cobain, with vampire marks on his neck. I was like WUT. And he was like 'i appreciate your creativity but don't use my shit in your art.' and I was like okay. But all I could think was how Brian had to meet him, so I went and got him, and when we got back Kurt was still there but told us not to be creepy and follow him, cause he wanted to keep a low profile.

SOOOO me and Brian went home and laid on my bed, looked up at the sky (cause the room had no ceiling) opened umbrellas and let them go like balloons.


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