Sunday, February 28, 2010

OMG this is SOOO COOL!

The London-based creators of a new and buzzworthy site called CodeOrgan discuss how it translates Web page code into instrumental songs. Their favorite "musical" site so far?

check it out:

So awesome.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kim wins ladies' figure skating gold medal

Can't believe she finally DID IT! (today, 10:21 p.m.)
Oh my God..when she started to cry right after the performance...
I cried too... T_T

did anyone watch it?

here is the article (photo 33-39)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Funniest news headline FAILS.

Uno Mas!

I have to put this article up here too about the first legal male prostitute to be hired at a brothel in Nevada. Ladies, his name is Markus. He is a former marine, and a college dropout. He also had a brief stint as a porn star. Who said male gigolo's were only for tv?

Ghandi and Hovercrafts

This article is about this awesome hovercraft that a group of Japanese guys designed at Kobe University. But before you get your hopes up, its for seniors... : (

And this article is about a $24,000 pen designed by German pen maker, Montblanc that is pretty much engraved with Ghandi's face on it. However, people are crying foul because who would put Ghandi's face on a pen that costed $24,000 if they knew what he stood for. But, his great-grandson doesn't mind, as he is getting a cut of the profits from the pen to go towards his charity.

And if this gold encrusted $24,000 pen is not quite in your budget, you can settle for the $3,000 roller ball pen or fountain pen.

: )

The Queen of the Ice

Feb. 24th
Vancouver Olympics Figure Skating

this is a clip about Yuna Kim (Korean) who have ranked #1 last night.
I just wanted to share with you guys, since we're so proud of her.

Here is an interview from NBC.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is This News?


Ew. Just ew.
Tiger Farms

Cat Food

Link to video and source.

top Italian food writer has been suspended indefinitely from the country’s version of the television programme Ready Steady Cook for recommending stewed cat to viewers as a “succulent dish”.

RAI, the public broadcasting network, said that it had dropped Beppe Bigazzi, 77, for offering the recipe on La Prova del Cuoco, which is broadcast at midday on the main channel. Its switchboard was inundated with complaints from viewers and animal rights groups. Bigazzi said that casserole of cat was a famous dish in his home region of Valdarno, Tuscany.

“I’ve eaten it myself and it’s a lot better than many other animals,” he told viewers. “Better than chicken, rabbit or pigeon.” He said that for optimum flavour the meat should be “soaked in spring water for three days” before being stewed.

Elisa Isoardi, the programme’s presenter — who has a cat called Othello — tried to steer Bigazzi off the subject. Reports said that during the commercial break she and the show’s producers tried to persuade him to apologise to viewers but he refused.Carla Rocchi, the head of ENPA, the Italian society for the protection of animals, said that killing cats was illegal. Francesca Martini, the Deputy Health Minister, said it was “absolutely unheard of for a public service broadcaster to tell people how delicious cats are to eat”. She called for the producers to be investigated for criminal offences involving incitement to mistreat animals.

Bigazzi, a consumer affairs journalist and author of Cooking with Common Sense, has been one of the stars of La Prova del Cuoco for the past ten years. He is noted for his exuberant style and previously caused uproar by boiling lobsters live on the show. Yesterday he said that he had only been joking about the recipe, and he had been misunderstood.

He added: “Mind you, I wasn’t joking all that much. In the 1930s and 1940s, when I was a boy, people certainly did eat cat

in the countryside around Arezzo.” Food historians said that Italians in cities such as Vicenza devised cat recipes in times of economic hardship. Inhabitants of Vicenza are still nicknamed magnagati (cat eaters), and in some butchers’ shops rabbits are sold with their heads to assure buyers that they are not cats.

From pet to pot

• In his 1529 treatise on cookery, Ruperto de Nola recommended spit-roasting cat basted with garlic and olive oil. He wrote: “Take the garlic with oil mixed with good broth so that it is coarse, and pour it over the cat and you can eat it for it is a good dish”

• The Spanish expression pasar gato por liebre derives from the practice of hunters trying to sell skinned cats as hares. When butchered, the animals are supposed to look almost identical

• In 2007 Australians at a cooking contest in Alice Springs sought to curb the feral cat population by using them in a dish. One judge found the cat casserole so tough that she had to spit it out

• Last month legal experts in China responded to pressure from the country’s middle class and proposed a ban on eating cat and dog meat. Both are traditional Chinese dishes but if the law is passed people caught eating cats could face 15 days in prison

sooooo, through other people's posts today it just came to me that we were supposed to do one a day. Oops. Well, here's some more to make up for it

Expelled Korean Student

Translation of the Title:
In the process of immigration(?), Admitted "Part-time Job"
Korean International Student, Got Immediately Expelled

This is about the Korean student of Art Center College of Design in L.A.,
who was expelled from the U.S. when he was re-entering the country through
L.A. International Airport.
It was because he had said "yes," when the immigration judge(? don't know in English..)
asked him if he was working part-time while studying at the school.
So the judge immediately cancelled his F1 Visa and sent him back to Korea.
(International students are not allowed to work off campus according to the U.S. law.)

I thought this was pretty funny.
I also felt very sorry for him, but still funny..
He is just... stupid..
he should've said "No." LOL

Five articles.

I just checked the syllabus and realized that it called for a post with a news article each day. Oops. Here's me making up for lost time:

"Our world may be a giant hologram"
So where's the giant projector?.
Some genius scientists did some tests and things and discovered that the entire universe is actually probably just some big hologram or something. Really.

"Neural Advertising: The Sounds We Can't Resist"
Music to my ears.
Apparently there are some sounds that you just can't resist. At least subconsciously. And advertisers are taking advantage of this by sticking these sounds (such as a baby's laughter or sizzling bacon) into their ads in an effort to hook us in. And it works.

"Hollywood movies follow a mathematical formula"
Tell me something I don't know.
There was a scientist who thought it would be funny to time the length of every shot in a bunch of movies and then graph them. Sounds like a pretty kickin' Saturday night, if you ask me. Anyway he found that a lot of recent blockbusters follow a pattern.

"Hello Botox, Bye-Bye Sadness—But Not for the Reasons You Think"
But at least the wrinkles are gone.
It turns out that by restricting a person's ability to physically express emotions such as sadness, anger and happiness through their facial muscles, they will eventually become incapable of experiencing those emotions at all.

"Death on Facebook first - teen twins find out online their brother killed in triple-fatal crash"
Fancy that on your Facebook wall.
Two girls logged onto Facebook one morning to check and see how many pokes they got over the weekend, only to find their news feeds riddles with posts reading "RIP Bobby." Bobby was their brother, and they immediately called his cell phone to no avail. I imagine it must be pretty harsh to discover the death of a loved one through Facebook. Truly a sign of the times.

You don't have to be bipolar to be a genius – but it helps

So basically, this article talks about how scientist now have actual proof behind the famous Aristotle quote, "there is no great genius without a mixture of madness". Basically there was a study done that found it four times more likely for the higher scoring children to later develop bipolar disorder than average scoring children. It also discovered that bipolar disorder is more likely with high scores in language, humanities, and the arts, etc and less in math and science. Now, like all correlative studies like this one, you have to remember that correlation does not mean causation necessarily. And, the majority of people in the higher scoring category enjoy normal mental health. But its an interesting thought.

Full Article Here

Public losing faith in science

To the article

The article talks about how because of the attacks on climate research, people are starting to lose their faith in science and how this may spread into other areas of science.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Uplifting the Poor, 1 Building at a Time

After reading clicking on someone else's article, I got distracted by another article, and another and another, until I came across this one about a man named Michael Maltzan who is building these amazing structures in LA that are built specifically with the poor in mind, amongst others. He provides them with a sense of community, and protection, whilst not feeling outcasted from the rest of the city. A garden off of the kitchen promoted a Garden Club, and a Community Room promoted a Yoga Class. I love that such a big name in architecture is doing this kind of work for people. He has also built a house for artists ;)

The Suspects Wore Louboutins

From the March issue of Vanity Fair.

I am not sure why I started to read this article, originally I was going to post something from The Onion (because it tends to make me giggle uncontrollably), but once I started to read it I got more and more intrigued. It's about young adults (people our age, basically) who started robbing the homes of celebrities in California, mostly for the thrill of it (and for the clothes). I don't know, it was just odd to hear about; it's so completely opposite of anything I could ever imagine doing myself.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

MOSCOW, Idaho — The giant Palouse earthworm has taken on mythic qualities in this vast agricultural region that stretches from eastern Washington into the Idaho panhandle — its very name evoking the fictional sandworms from "Dune" or those vicious creatures from the movie "Tremors."

The worm is said to secrete a lily-like smell when handled, spit at predators, and live in burrows 15 feet deep. There have been only a handful of sightings.

But scientists hope to change that this summer with researchers scouring the Palouse region in hopes of finding more of the giant earthworms.

Conservationists also want the Obama administration to protect the worm as an endangered species, even though little research has been done on it.

The worm may be elusive, but there's no doubt it exists, said Jodi Johnson-Maynard, a University of Idaho professor who is leading the search for the worm.

To prove it, she pulled out a glass tube containing the preserved remains of a fat, milky-white worm. One of Johnson-Maynard's graduate students found this specimen in 2005, and it is the only confirmed example of the species.

The worm in the tube is about 6 inches long, well short of the 3 feet that early observers of the worms in the late 1890s described. Documented collections of the species, known locally as GPE, have occurred only in 1978, 1988, 1990 and 2005

School does the most asinine thing possible.

A school fires a secretary for speaking spanish to parents who can't speak english.


Just last week, one of my favorite designers, if not my favorite of all time, committed suicide on the day he was to debut his new collection for his line McQ in New York. Oh the amazing-ness he had and so much more to offer the fashion world. I sincerely hope he is finally content wherever he is now. This is an article on the Daily Beast about him and his legacy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food & Dreams

Hey guys, here's the thing from the British Cheese Board (really) addressing rumours that cheese gives you nightmares, or at least strange dreams. It's from NPR, so you can listen to it, or just read the transcript that's on the site.


Similar rumours abounded about mince pie, according to this article from the Reader around Christmas time. Apparently it gave you hallucinatory dreams if you ate too much, and led to several murders.

Consider the case of Albert Allen of Chicago, arrested in 1907 for shooting his wife in the head. "It was this way," Allen was quoted as saying by the Trenton Times, "I ate three pieces of mince pie at 11 o'clock and got to dreaming that I was shaking dice. The other fellow was cheating and I tried to shoot his fingers off. When I awoke, I was holding the pistol in my hand and my wife was shot."

Read the whole article here:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last night I dreamt that I moved into a new apartment. It felt like more of an urban loft space; lots of wood, brick and metal. The living room seemed like a little nook but, when you walked into it, it actually was about 40 feet long and had a long long couch to match. In fact it didn't seem to end at all.
I went downstairs and the landlord was very young and really weird. He dressed like a pirate and I remember thinking he wouldn't be very helpful. He put up a sign on the storefront restaurant downstairs from the apartments saying "Do you mind? I have to walk through this place to get home and it smells like SHIT!"

This dream went on but that's the part worth sharing...


February 14th, 2010

Valentine's Day. I am in Korea.
But it doesn't feel like Korea at all.
What makes me really cry is that.... WE'RE OVER.
The last his words. touch my heart.

"Erase everything that blocked me away, and wish you happiness."

Changing 3 lanes with no blinker on. Good luck everyone else!

Okay. I had another dream. This one was actually a little fun, yet in the end held no nutritional value whatsoever. Basically a segment of mental masturbation.... but not dirty. So it started when my dad bought me a car. It was like a mini coop. I couldn't tell you what color it was because that changed a few times. It took me a while to realize that my cyan mini cooper had started out red. And then it was royal blue. But when I got the thing, I was like, "WTF Dad. Thanks, but I don't drive... People'z gonna die." But who am I to argue. I just got a sporty pimped out ride. Full leather interior and what have you. So I take it for a spin. Down the road, peddle to the metal, through houses, trees, off road. So I start racing another car and go over a huge cliff and chase a tornado, but before we can drive into the cyclone I wake up and feel somewhat disappointed.

The Floating Effect

I had this dream where I was walking ridiculously fast through a suburban neighborhood. I mean I was really going at an uncomfortably quick pace for walking. Occasionally I would stop and jump into the air for no particular reason. Anyway, I figured if I held my breath, I'd descend to the ground slower than normal. I'd Just jump, hold my breath and float in the air for about a minute until my feet could reach the ground. Eventually, I guess I got bored with that, because in no time at all and with no transition I found myself at my brother's apartment. It wasn't really my brother's apartment; it looked nothing like it, but you know how places in your head somehow feel familiar when in all actuality they're something completely different. And despite all evidence to the contrary, your mind convinces you: "Yeah. This is right. Why would I lie to you?" And then you think to yourself, "That's a good point" and don't question it further. You have no choice but to play along, though you know deep down that whatever this is, it's totally not what you keep telling yourself it is. So anyway, I'm at my "brother's apartment" and I open the fridge. It's jam packed with water bottles of hundreds of variations. In fact, I do believe that the refrigerator had grown in size, because there was way more space inside than the outside suggested. It looked like a huge aquarium with no fish. So I decided to have a drink, because what else do you do with a refrigerator full of water, and I mean, this is all a dream. What would happen if I didn't drink anything? I don't know because I grab a 3 gallon bucket and hold it a foot over my head to pour it straight down my gullet. Problem was, it didn't quench my thirst in the slightest. How could it, it's a dream, yeah? So I'm chuggin' this small cascade and it just keeps on pouring into my throat. I just feel pressure. When it's finally empty I feel a little light headed, a bit drunk. My coordination is gone and I'm staggering around the hallway giggling like I'm shite out of my mind. And that was really it. No big conclusion. Nothing really happened. I was like "What a weird dream."

Oh I almost forgot. I was driving the car from the back seat with the front seats obstructing my view.

Oh Noes Tiger!

My dream started with me getting a tattoo of a tiger in black ink by this really hot guy in the back of Sears, and when he was finished I got out of the chair and turned around and I was in an apartment where a husband and wife were arguing. The husband was going in and out of the kitchen while his wife was sitting in the living room, all the while yelling out at her in some strange language, and I was following him in and out of the room. Finally he stopped in the living room. And I went to show the wife my tattoo, only to see that it had grown a bunch and was now in color. And then I began to cry. The end. : D

Dream from last week

night of 2/11-2/12

I dreamed that I was back home and it was winter. There was some man, a psychologist or scientist who claimed that children would fair better without television and they needed to prove they deserved it. There were news reports about it as well. The news stories mentioned that this man was trying to do this all over america. Later that night, I had another dream unrelated to the other. I was working on some project with a group of people where either a really big blanket or jacket was being made out of old and used denim.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The dresser thieves.

I had this dream during an afternoon nap.

I was in a McDonald's restaurant. I ordered donuts and then went to sleep. When my donuts were ready they woke me up. The box of donuts was sitting on top of my dresser. I didn't know why the heck they had my dresser in their restaurant, so I started to complain that they had broken into my house and stolen it. The employees had a lot of attitude, and of course they denied it. There was a medicine box on top of my dresser as well. You know, the kind that is separated into days of the week. Only instead of a single row of seven boxes this one was like a calendar. Also the medicine was for cats. Cat medicine. I opened all the drawers and my stuff was gone. My underwear drawer was totally empty. So was my sock drawer. Can you believe it? I complained that NOT ONLY had they stolen my dresser, they had the NERVE to steal my clothes, too. You know I had my underpants arranged very specifically according to color coding and all, and they totally ruined my setup. Oh yeah, and then there was this huge gash running along the top with confetti pouring out. My dresser was bleeding confetti. So I complained some more. If they were going to steal my dresser and put it in a McDonald's (of all places), they could have at least handled it with care. Right? Well the two employees insisted that nothing was wrong and that I was overreacting. I tried to move but I couldn't. I sort of fidgeted and then collapsed. I still couldn't really move but I shouted at them as I wiggled around on the floor. There was a mattress. My step dad entered, I woke up.

Dreams n Stuff n Things

So yeah, my dream from last week ( I don't remember many details):

Everybody's butt cracks reached all the way to the bottom of their necks. Haha. Yeah. No one was allowed to touch anyone else's back side because it was deemed "sexual harassment"....good stuff in this awesome brain of mine.


Alright so here was the weirdest dream I've had so far:

I dreamed that everyone’s farts turned into bubbles and could go through walls. And they only smelled when they popped so if you didn’t want to smell it then you could press your butt up against a wall and it would go into someone else’s room.

Bad Wolf

Ok, this is a genuine dream I had the other night. I was running around school, and I take the wrong elevator and somehow end up in a different reality, where humans are subservient to machines. I'm with some guy a don't really know and from the looks of it, he's not very bright. We wander around until I go up to a pop machine and notice something off about it. I tell him we need to get back in the elevator.

We safely get back to our reality, or so I thought. But something was still off and I felt like we were being followed. Then I realised that some of the machines from the other reality came into ours, and were probably going to bring more of them over here when they realise that we haven't been "colonised" by them in this reality. The only people that could know and stop them is the guy I'm with and myself, so I told him to be careful but he didn't listen to me and disappeared.

Scared, and trying not to be captured I end up on a train. On that train I run into none other than The Doctor from Doctor Who, and Captain Jack Harkness(also a Doctor Who character). I tell him what was going on and they both agree to help. Jack goes off to try and find out some more information, but he never returns. The Doctors face becomes very serious/solemn. Then, a women comes into the train looking for Jack, but we didn't know where he went or what happened to him.

Then.... I woke up. :( I don't know how it ends.... But I really did dream that. And I hadn't been watching the show the characters came from that day.

Here's the Doctor:

And Captain Jack Harkness:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

taxidermy seakitten.....

well it starts with myself swimming around an under water aquarium in this aquarium you must hold your breathe to check out these creatures.... I was kinda lost in this place with a manatee i fell asleep in my sleep i woke up to find i was in a glass stair case that was opened by a pal we walked out to a garden of wooden coffins i seen a drunk mother figure running around as i was on the back of my cousins bike as we road drunk threw a field at midnight little rude ass kids were throwing things at us so i threw my rotting cabbage at their faces as i stand having a smoke in the park i walk up to a fountain dripping purple head faucet glowing rings around trees my love meets me in the dark walking off hand in hand kids throw rocks at our lamp post.......

Secrets Shared

I was on the brown line going to the loop wednesday, feb 10th at around 1:30. I sat next to you and told you something personal about me. You smiled. Flustered, I left the train before I could get your name. I wish I knew the name of my confidant.

Oh, and I did get a response today about it, not from the guy though, this is what he said:

Now I KNOW I'm not the guy you're looking for. But I'm dying to know if you hear from him

I really respect what you're doing, it's terribly romantic.

I feel a little bad that people think its real.... oh well.

So, I DID Get a Response...

I was checking my e-mail this morning, you guys, and guess what? I got a response from craigslist!

Guess what else? ...not the right guy....
This guy sounds pretty gross (his name is Brad? Brad.) considering all you can see in the pictures is the back of my head... here's the email, it's kind of funny anyways:
Oh man, that's the smallest picture in the world! Ok, well it just says, "Im not the guy in the hat........but you look hot from what I can tell from those pics ;)"

Ew, right?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Elevator Beauty

I am a member of the Elevator Club. We take photos of people on the elevator. You were in the same elevator cart as me, but you somehow slipped out before I could get picture.
You were tall and slender, with a no-nonsense demeanor. You were wearing a finely pressed black suit and a bright orange/red scarf that reminded me of the sun on the most beautiful Summer day. Your hair was short, but extremely fitting. You glanced at me briefly with your smoldering eyes, but unfortunately I couldn't work up the courage to ask you for a photo. You left shortly thereafter, most likely in an attempt to escape the somewhat awkward elevator encounter. I don't even know your name, but I think that I am in love. Please tell me you felt it too.

Help me, guys...

I had to post a REAL CLASSIFIED AD this evening...
I've lost $16 worth stuff in the streets around the school...T_T
I've never ever thought that I would post a real ad right after the ad project....

Here's the ad...
See the Ad

the third space. street art..

Cant ever stop loving..
a form of true art.
life! the less fortunate express sorrow and hope through drawings.
a project of heart, humans that do not just pass up others on the street.
bringing comfort to people that are passed by day by day.

We had a, we had two. It was around lunch time today (Feb. 10th), on Michigan Avenue between Madison and Monroe. I was on the phone (trying to figure out a time to drop off my research [all the papers and books haha] at my friend's house). I probably looked like a complete goob, dropping everything, but you helped me pick all of them up and put them neatly in my arms.

And as creepy as this sounds, two of my friends were waiting for me to get off the phone so we could go into my friend's studio for lunch. They're kind of jerks and one whipped out her camera and took pictures. I'm turning red just thinking about posting them. Convenient, eh? But also creepy; I'm plotting my revenge on them now.

I promise I'm not usually this clumsy, I could prove it to you if you wanted to join me for coffee sometime....I'm not really the type of girl to do this, know....

Library Romance - Will You Be ours?

We will cover you with love when next we see you, with caresses, with ecstasy. We want to gorge you with all the joys of the flesh, so that you faint and die. We want you to be amazed by us, and to confess to yourself that you had never even dreamed of such transports.... When you are old, we want you to recall those few hours, we want your dry bones to quiver with joy when you think of them. ~Gustave Flaubert

Be our Valentine?

We saw you in the Library, we couldn't help but take notice of you as you sat there quietly reading your book. It was such a turn-on, it gave us a thought. Library three-way? Hot and steamy romance hidden among the stacks? Who would ever think that a library could be such a sexual haven? Meet us on Valentines Day for some three-way fun. Message us with what book you were reading so we know it's really you.

XOXO, Patty and Bertha

P.s. We took this picture of you and we have included a picture of ourselves - Maybe if you meet us we can make these two pictures come together minus the clothes ;)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


.. This is just funny. And pathetic.

.. HAHA This person can't type!

.. This is just adorable.

Tired of eating alone

I am a BIG guy looking for a beautiful lady who can look past the outer and see the man on the inner. I am a big man with a big heart looking for that special lady who I can take care of and who can take care of me. Your pic gets mine. Please be between 35 and 53, and REAL

So a priest walks into a grocery store...

Holy Heist: Priest Accused of Shoplifting

Man of God may have Good Book thrown at him

Updated 8:01 AM CST, Tue, Jan 26, 2010 NBC - Chicago

A Roman Catholic priest in West City of southern Illinois needs to read his commandments again.

Rev. Steven Poole was arrested on charges of theft Friday.

We're not Biblical scholars, but we're pretty sure there's a clear policy about stealing in his line of work.

Police arrested the 41-year-old priest at a Walmart, saying he had shoplifted butter and a sofa cover.

Poole had brought his items to a self-checkout aisle but did not scan a $3.22 container of butter nor a $60 sofa cover, according to investigators. While this might be chalked up to forgetfulness, his next act seemed quite deliberate.

The priest then allegedly walked to the store's bedding aisles, chose a memory foam mattress, and switched its pricing barcode with the barcode of a significantly-lower-priced item. The $145 mattress now rang up for $31.

Poole is also accused of having a stolen laptop computer power pack in his possession.

Village police arrested Poole and charged him with two felony counts of theft.

Butter, a new mattress, and a computer. It sounds like stealing may be the least of his sinful offenses.

Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.

Wingwomen wanted - $30/hr

This ad made me laugh really hard, mostly because of the "role" of the wingwomen

-Relax, laugh, have a good time, and emanate a genuine, positive energy.
-Recognize that her presence alone and her silence are often all that are needed!
-Understand or be willing to learn the counter-intuitive principals of how men really attract women.

I love the "her silence are often all that are needed" bit. I feel like I've heard this before....

Beautiful Purple Sleeping Bag Coat

Saw you in front of an ironic lincoln park bar. You were wearing a giant purple sleeping bag like coat. Your blue eyes were smoldering like the cigerette you were holding...and my enchanted soul was instantly yours.. I, A wierdo hipster homeless looking boot black. You my soul mate in a sleeping bag. Reach out to me on Sat at that same ironic spot.

I was trying to find an image that matched the person who made this, but couldn't find a better one than what he had posted himself.

so.... here's the girl he was looking for:

Someone Who Genuinely Likes to Make Children Cry

This was both amusing and kind of heartbreaking at the same time. I never had a pet that was given away as a kid (I never had dogs or cats). I did have a fair amount of hamsters die (all of which were named after food...) and when I was in preschool I came home to find my fish, Cleo, had jumped out of her bowl and dried to my carpet. My dad didn't help the situation by calling it "Fish Jerkey"...



Dude uses the word milk a lot. I 'chuggled' out loud while reading this.

He's a Keeper

Im 64 years old looking for a country girl in the neighbor hood of the same age for casual dating friendship and spending time together dinners oocassicaly chat on the phone laughing together maybe ltr. latter must be easy going truthful honest not just a youg girl looking for an easy ride. some day trips on weekends Im simi retired still working 5 days not weekends though, i enjoy having a vintage vehicle that I like to work in the summer months trying to get it done so I could enjoy it with some nice lady before my times up I have a beautiful big house with plenty of flowers and gardening space but, I must say and she has to be miss right who enjoys the simple things in life some people say I dont look as old as Iam I like a lady who is romantic loving caring and how to make her man happy when he is down likes cuddeling on the coach and romantic in the evening someone who I can take care of and watch over .

[What a classy guy. Not my type though.]

I miss you so much. I wish we could be together...

I have missed you so much. I miss the days of walking the halls and pretending we didn't love each other. I miss the days and sitting across from you at school and laughing until my whole body hurt. You were my best friend. You finally admitted your feelings for me and we fell hard and fast in love. Then I moved and you broke my heart. You shattered it. We didn't speak for months. I finally moved back and you treated me like nothing ever happened. You had moved on and left me in despair. I dated other people and you did the same. We went our separate ways after graduation. You went into the Army. Months past and it was Christmas time and we started talking again. My heart filled with so much happiness.

I remember laying on the floor of your parents living room watching movies and talking. I remember laying next to you at night hoping that you would wrap your arms around me. You didn't. We fell apart, again. You went back to "her." We stopped talking once again.

You told your Army friends stories about me and the things we did.

In early March you started passing me off to your Army friends. Finally one of them I fell for. I could tell you hated things working out. Then over the summer, you came home one last time before training. We went and saw movies and walked around. We sped around town with the music blasting. We laid in your basement talking. And wrestling. You pinned me and I have never felt so pleased and excited and wanted. Then we kissed. Deeply. You told me you loved me for the third time. I wanted more of you. As I sat on the couch you pulled me close to you and held me. We talked about getting married and having a kid or two.

When I asked you to tell me if you saw a future for us, you couldn't answer. You didn't want to hurt me. You told me to go and find someone to make me happy. I sat in your car at Sonic sobbing. Again you shattered my heart.

I am with an amazing man now. The one you introduced me to. We have a son together. You and I still talk like we are best friends. Like nothing happened. It kills me everyday. Because I am settling for someone else. And its all I'll ever have. You know I'm the one you are supposed to be with. Even your family thinks so.

This is what I've found in the images section. I know that it's not exactly a classified ad, but I just thought this was hilarious. I really liked the poses of people and the phrase "Why are these people not asking?" They are asking us to sign up for a sixty-minute audio cassette tape that explains the Jewish Case For Jesus, which you wouldn't have expected by just looking at this image. Anyone interested?

The reason that I was drawn into this ad was that this is a kind of ad that you would never find
in my country or I believe, any other oriental countries. And what this ad makes me sad about is that we would be the country that would offer abandoned children, still, in the 21st century.
So I actually respect Americans who adopt children from any other part of the world.
I've seen so many Koreans who went back to Korea to find their mothers and had to came back without meeting them. There are even movies or dramas related with the situations in Korea. I always felt very sorry but ashamed at the same time.
Even though I understand why we barely adopt anyone in my country, (it's because of the blood logic thing, which has been passed from generations to generations for thousands of years)
I still don't understand why we are the still one who send the children to foreign lands.
What do you think? I wanna hear from you who are Americans.

p.s. I really think that this is the sweetest ad I've ever seen in my entire life.

ok i think i just found my fav website.

Things you should notice:
age range, 18-30
he already knows what religion she must belong to
HE'S 5'2"
he wants her to be anywhere starting from 4'5"
oh lordy lord.

please someone else find this funny!

Established Male Singer/Frontman Available

Looking for a working situation at the casino level...Pop/Classic Rock/Party Band/Oldies/Tribute., I have recorded two original CD's (available on Itunes), been the frontman for various bands & most recently completed a 5 year run as "The Wedding Singer" in "Tony & Tina's Wedding" in Las Vegas. Looking to relocate to Seattle. Check out my website for more info or call 702-316-4136.

i've always wanted to be someones missed connection...

i one misses invisible........its hard to describe how i am feeling............i just want to be loved by never thinking about giving up.............on everything..............the poets are the ones who suffer the most

Human Soul (Black Friday Special)

This man wants to sell his soul in order to be able to pay for gifts for himself and his family. Is it really THAT serious to give gifts for christmas? I thought it was about family and togetherness?!?

"I am interested in selling my soul or trading it to someone that could help me acquire holiday gifts for myself and family. I have been short on cash due to the low amount of work available here in sunny Florida and would greatly appreciate the help. You will receive a contract and certificate of authenticity both will be signed in my own blood and will verify by name that you are the new owner of my soul. (this is not a joke i really am selling it!) you could use it to trade the devil for fame or riches (keep in mind that you don't have to give him your own soul), you could use it as a doormat you could give it away as a gift or resell it the options are endless! please help my family have a great holiday and buy my soul now! i will also trade for household items and electronics, car or truck, gas mopeds, ect. you get the idea. thank you and have a great holiday season!"

Looking For Drummer:

Do you like Tommy Ramone and Bun E. Carlos? Do you have a decent drum set and a car? Can you practice once a week, play one weekend gig a month, and occasionally travel to Portland or Vancouver?

We're two fortysomethings who can still rock out like a true punk band. We drink beer, but not enough to puke. We have a bunch of originals and one cover song. Listen to the lo-fi demos, and if you want to help us make better recordings, e-mail us: allegations AT earthlink DOT net.

This guy is a freak:

39 attractive dwm here looking for a fwb roommate, I am tired of the dating scene and have actually given up for now. I know there is a woman out there in the same situation looking for the same so here is your chance.

I am seeking a cool, trustworthy female roommate with benefits. I would expect you to contribute a little towards rent, etc but not too much. You would need to prove to me that you have a source of steady income, I would also ask that you to be fairly neat and pick up after yourself. I am open to all races, body sizes and ages 18 to 55. One small child might be ok but no pets.

I am open to a short term situation or long term situation, who knows if we hit it off then the possibilities are endless. I have a small house and a small unfurnished bedroom and you will have full use the house including washer, dryer, high speed internet, cable tv and of course me. I am passionate, drama free, sane, laidback, funny and a pretty cool guy just bored with the dating scene and needing more in my life.

Please tell me a little about yourself and why you would be my perfect roommate, please also send a pic and lets meet up soon. The room can be available within a few days.

Put sexy roommate in the subject line or your reply will not be read and simply deleted.


The funny, very sad, and hypocritical thing is that I smothered my boyfriends in the past. Always wanted to be around them. Never wanted to share them. Always had to have all their time. And now I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of that kind of love. It's withering. Maybe I'm smothering you too. And I just don't even know it.
From The Stranger's LoveLab Online:

Hey Mr. Trenchcoat man- you have bats on your right hand and your Xbox just RRoD'd. You're cute. How about some gaming together? You asked me and my roommate what system we were getting it for and we were first in line. Tell me what color hair I have and I'll buy you a drink!

Abby I'm a regular at your window

I come thru your drive thru frequently and we have a little chit chat. I would like the chance to have larger chat, You have a great disposition and it would be nice to know if we have anything else to chat about.


I am an unhappily married woman...staying in the marriage because of my children.

I live in northern california

I am attractive, intelligent, educated, employeed, drug free, drama free!

Looking for a Assyrian male in the same position as me...

I come out to chicago 2x a year...

Looking for someone to chat w via phone , email, etc.

Between the ages of 30-40

Only serious, mature man looking for the same please respond.
Please write" Chitown "in subject line so I dont delete your email.....Thanks

Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, at least they're honest

MfW multiple choice test

Tell me, can you pass this man's "test"? After all, he gives some very good multiple choice options. (Playing the old "ACDC" trick might not get you so far this time....)

I was very CONFUSED


Oriental Medication Tutoring

1. Student, majoring in oriental medication
2. Who's preparing for the entrance to oriental medication college
3. Who's preparing for NCCAOM test.


Do you see the first word on the top "한의학"?
It originally means "Korean Medication" in Korea.
So I was very confused when I saw this ad I'd found in Korean Times of Chicago.


The answer was "No" and it's still "No."

And then I just found out a translated word of "한의학" in English,
which is "Oriental Medication."
So, this time, I wonder


So I googled. the answer was "Yes",
which interested me EVEN MORE,
because I thought Western medication is being considered as the ONLY MEDICATION
in Western countries.

I mean,
they should just go to Asia.
Frankly speaking, I don't really trust AMERICAN education of ORIENTAL medication.
It sounds like CHINESE BUFFET in America, which isn't even like REAL CHINESE FOOD.

Sorry, I don't know the point of this post either.


Just looking to find someone to hang out with, maybe have a drink and take it from there. Nothing overt just looking for a down to earth, smart,
educated woman who can get into a conversation about whats going on in the world and have a point of view. If you voted for McCain and Palin we
would have nothing in common. I am a creative type and enjoy learning new things and going with the flow. I like more femme then not, a sense of style,
and courtesy. No men, no Bi's, No Couples, no freaks who just want to hit something. If you are interested respond and we will go from there.