Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Expelled Korean Student

Translation of the Title:
In the process of immigration(?), Admitted "Part-time Job"
Korean International Student, Got Immediately Expelled

This is about the Korean student of Art Center College of Design in L.A.,
who was expelled from the U.S. when he was re-entering the country through
L.A. International Airport.
It was because he had said "yes," when the immigration judge(? don't know in English..)
asked him if he was working part-time while studying at the school.
So the judge immediately cancelled his F1 Visa and sent him back to Korea.
(International students are not allowed to work off campus according to the U.S. law.)

I thought this was pretty funny.
I also felt very sorry for him, but still funny..
He is just... stupid..
he should've said "No." LOL


Kate said...

They are pretty serious about this stuff.

JeSusie said...

I'm sorry? I am not making a joke out of it or anything. When I saw this at first, it was very shocking, actually.