Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Five articles.

I just checked the syllabus and realized that it called for a post with a news article each day. Oops. Here's me making up for lost time:

"Our world may be a giant hologram"
So where's the giant projector?.
Some genius scientists did some tests and things and discovered that the entire universe is actually probably just some big hologram or something. Really.

"Neural Advertising: The Sounds We Can't Resist"
Music to my ears.
Apparently there are some sounds that you just can't resist. At least subconsciously. And advertisers are taking advantage of this by sticking these sounds (such as a baby's laughter or sizzling bacon) into their ads in an effort to hook us in. And it works.

"Hollywood movies follow a mathematical formula"
Tell me something I don't know.
There was a scientist who thought it would be funny to time the length of every shot in a bunch of movies and then graph them. Sounds like a pretty kickin' Saturday night, if you ask me. Anyway he found that a lot of recent blockbusters follow a pattern.

"Hello Botox, Bye-Bye Sadness—But Not for the Reasons You Think"
But at least the wrinkles are gone.
It turns out that by restricting a person's ability to physically express emotions such as sadness, anger and happiness through their facial muscles, they will eventually become incapable of experiencing those emotions at all.

"Death on Facebook first - teen twins find out online their brother killed in triple-fatal crash"
Fancy that on your Facebook wall.
Two girls logged onto Facebook one morning to check and see how many pokes they got over the weekend, only to find their news feeds riddles with posts reading "RIP Bobby." Bobby was their brother, and they immediately called his cell phone to no avail. I imagine it must be pretty harsh to discover the death of a loved one through Facebook. Truly a sign of the times.

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