Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Floating Effect

I had this dream where I was walking ridiculously fast through a suburban neighborhood. I mean I was really going at an uncomfortably quick pace for walking. Occasionally I would stop and jump into the air for no particular reason. Anyway, I figured if I held my breath, I'd descend to the ground slower than normal. I'd Just jump, hold my breath and float in the air for about a minute until my feet could reach the ground. Eventually, I guess I got bored with that, because in no time at all and with no transition I found myself at my brother's apartment. It wasn't really my brother's apartment; it looked nothing like it, but you know how places in your head somehow feel familiar when in all actuality they're something completely different. And despite all evidence to the contrary, your mind convinces you: "Yeah. This is right. Why would I lie to you?" And then you think to yourself, "That's a good point" and don't question it further. You have no choice but to play along, though you know deep down that whatever this is, it's totally not what you keep telling yourself it is. So anyway, I'm at my "brother's apartment" and I open the fridge. It's jam packed with water bottles of hundreds of variations. In fact, I do believe that the refrigerator had grown in size, because there was way more space inside than the outside suggested. It looked like a huge aquarium with no fish. So I decided to have a drink, because what else do you do with a refrigerator full of water, and I mean, this is all a dream. What would happen if I didn't drink anything? I don't know because I grab a 3 gallon bucket and hold it a foot over my head to pour it straight down my gullet. Problem was, it didn't quench my thirst in the slightest. How could it, it's a dream, yeah? So I'm chuggin' this small cascade and it just keeps on pouring into my throat. I just feel pressure. When it's finally empty I feel a little light headed, a bit drunk. My coordination is gone and I'm staggering around the hallway giggling like I'm shite out of my mind. And that was really it. No big conclusion. Nothing really happened. I was like "What a weird dream."

Oh I almost forgot. I was driving the car from the back seat with the front seats obstructing my view.

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