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Since I changed the theme of the collection from record to the quality , i will mention the name and the quality of the shadows.
8. HeraI think i exchanged this with lipstick from my aunt on last summer break. It came out not great on the picture, but actually the shadows have some pearl included. I often used green and pink to highlight the lid, and purple on the edge of the eye. The quality is good but not excellent. I have to add several layers to make the color vivid.

9. Sephora

I got this on this summer from sephora. well.. the quality is okay, but it get smudged after few hours.

10. Mono Couleur

I got it on last fall. On last fall, i was so into dark smokey eye make-up. The pearl is really great on this and it last quite long, however it is hard to blend. The quality is good.

11. Lancome
I got this from my bestie when i was in grade 10. As you can see, the pink and black is used a lot. I used black to prevent the pencil eye liner from getting smudged and pink shadow to highlight the eyebrow bone line. The quality is good but not excellent because the shadow dries very quick.

12. Lancome
I also got this from my bestie! The quality is good but not so well for me since i have hard time controlling these color. I only succeeded using this shadows once.

13. Missha

This is one of my favorite brand XD! The quality is low but the color is great! i only uses this when i want to give some vivid sparkly look on my eye. ( often for nice dinner or party~) It is very shimmery but it gets smudged very very easily, so it is good to only apply on the edge of eye lid for point.

salmon went to Millennium park

YAY! I went to Millennium park to collect various stories from wide range of people. And the day was perfect ay for my project. Because there was kind of event on that day. Beckoning of @#$*^?
I can't remember the detail.. So, there were a lot of people but I couldn't get so many brains because I spent lots of time on talking with them :) It was very precious experience.


I envy their friendship.


I really love this project. Because I can be closer to friends that I wanted to be a good friend but i couldn't because of different schedule even though we live in same floor. I rushed to their room. And could listen their thoughts for these days! We talked(actually I was just listening because they were really funny and their conversation made me think about lots of things.) and It was a really good time for me to know about them. After the survey, I left notes on their doors each of them. I draw kind of a symbol of the biggest part of their brains. And they really it!!! YAY!!!!!!!! And not only for the note episode I got more stories with them. AND I'M SO HAPPY.
(Veronica! you are interesting person!)


When I ask to fill the brain things, most of people wanted to see other people's brains. and some people asked me that the brain she is watching is brain of person she knows. Maybe it's good for us to find something we didn't know about the person from the brain survey, but what if are there some part people do not want to be shown to other people..? I had to think about privacy.. so after that I always ask them is it okay to other people read it. or tell them if you do not want to write your name, you can use nickname.

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smoking break

Yeah, smoking break is good time to do brain survey. I can kill four birds with one stone. Practice English, smoking, meeting new friends and do my project. I got some brains from smoking break.

brain collector visit her neighbors

First neighbors that I visited was Andes. I don't know why but when I see her, it seems like she has amazing her own world. So, I just knock the door of Andes. But she was not in her room.. so I came down to smoke. Amazingly on my way to smoke I met her! And I passed my collecting book to her. This is it!


sugar contained issue is the part what i was looking for, while i did my collection project.
i guess most of cereals are not a healty breakfast any more.

brain collector

YAY! I'm collecting people's thought. How? First of all, I draw a head shape of human and divided it more than 6 parts by using brain shape circles. (their size are all different and the size of divided part means how that part is meaningful to you). And then do what I said above again and again and again and again and again. (Actually it was not smart. I could use copy machine..)
Next, just ask people to fill the head. Before asking I explained the survey"I'm doing my project...curious about people's life and thoughts ....size means.......words, symbol just go crazy, do what you want to do it's your brain...........if you want, you can use nickname,,,,,," And when the brain is filled with thoughts, DONE! I think this is really good chance to meet new people and I can be more close to my friends. (Also, It helps me find my trout.!)

Object 6

This teddy bear named Baby Ginger is one of my favorites because it is one of the most meaningful. My friend Nicole got me this as a present for my birthday before she moved away, her birthday is actually the day before mine. Me and her are still great friends although she moved even farther away for college but when she comes home to Skokie I'm sure I'll see her.

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the glass flower for the jungles of juicetopia

this bottle is known as the Ocean Blueapacolips. it grows on top of the great mountain; mount groovy smoothie. It's been said that celebraties have been spotted there on their vacations just to climb that mountain and enjoy the thirst quenching liquid.

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Last Post ...

I have no idea what to do with all of the antique letters ... Perhaps put them in jars as well? Separate jars? That might work ... I think I want this project to analyze "heritage" or "origin" in some shape or form. We'll see what I can come up with ...

Slight Dilemma...

Well not really a dilemma but just something I have to play around with. I didn't really consider the "size" of the jar ... last night I grouped my stamps into 3 piles (Poland, USA, and Miscellaneous) ... Poland I believe still has them most ... but that might change once I do a stamp count. ... I went into the basement afterwards to get some jars and grabbed some off a nearby shelf ... When I took the jars upstairs to sort, I noticed that (by first glance) the largest jar appeared to be the one with the most even if it was the smallest one that actually had the most stamps. Something I just have to toy around with I suppose ...

Z@CHZ UN!CORNZ (The Last Unicorn)

The very last unicorn

going to unicorn heaven

Object 5

This is my original Winnie the Pooh plushy. I love how old it looks as well as the softness of the fabric. I actually took this plushy from my sister I believe but it's definitely one of my favorites in my collection. It just makes me so happy and reminds me of the good old days of being a child watching Winnie the Pooh in the morning!


4. Oct 9
BH1- 6, 16, 26, 35
This is pink tone shadows from the collection. I just wanted to try all different colors everyday. Well.. I seriously don't think this type of pink tone matched on my eye. It made my eyelids to look as if it has been swollen up.

5. Oct 10
BH1- 3, 4, 13, 14, 23, 34
Oh, i forgot to capture the one with numbers on. The two bottom light aqua green like shadows are really good. It is much better than i expected. It shimmers naturally
Jill Stuart- crystal jade
I often use this pallet when i want to do blue tone, half smokey eye makeup, especially for the bottom part of the eye.
On the weekend, the weather was so nice. It was sunny so my make up theme was focused on shimmery and fresh look.

6. Oct 11
Missha- 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
5- I use this under the eye to create the depth.
8- this is used as the base after the cream type of shadow to give more shimmery look
6,7,10- this is for the eye lid.
9- also used for under the eye to create the depth, but also used on the tip of the eye lid to give more unity of the make up.
On Monday morning, I was so happy because i had fun time during the weekend doing material research homework for core class. Vivid colors were chosen to express my happy and joyful feeling.

7. Oct 12
CD- 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10
on tuesday, I was very lazy to dress up, so i decided to wear SAIC sweater. The gray ton was my theme to match up with my cloth. 5 was the base. and 3, 8, 10 was to give point color on lid and under the eye.


3. Oct 8
BH1- 9, 10, 20
I numbered all the eyeshadow in order to record the ones i used. I wanted to create the natural look. I had to put it so thick due to the low quality of this eye shadow collection pallet.

Missha- creme eye shadow 15
This one is used as the base of the eye make up almost everyday! the price was not expensive, yet the quality is so great. When I put it on, the color does not show up much, except the pearl. This helps the powder form of eye shadows to stay longer without getting smudged.


i've decided that i am going to focus more on how i obtained my shell collection than the actual individual shells in the collection.When i was young my family would go to Kiawa Island which is in South Carolina.

My Aunt had a beach house there and my parents and I would go there in the winters sometimes and it was really fun. Sometimes my aunt and uncle and two cousins would come and we'd all hangout. i had a lot of good memories in that beach house.
we would always go shell collecting on the beach. there were always really cool shells. there were sand dollars and starfish. i really liked collecting crab claws but those smell bad so i always left them at the beach.
we used to take plastic bags with us and i would fill mine by the time we were done.
i'd only pick my favorites to pack up and bring back home to chicago.

5. shells

this is my smallest shell and my biggest shell next to each other.i really like the bigger shells but isn't the tiny one super cute!! :3

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4. shells

a lot of my shells are darker and have gray stripes but these four are peachy pink and they're really pretty :)

3. shells

sometimes shells have barnacles on them.

they're like moles...sea moles .
they give the shell character :)

2. shells

when i collect shells i try to get a variety of sizes because it makes the collection more interesting. it's harder to find bigger shells because usually once you find them they are broken :( but i have a few.

Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Cake-topper?

I love this toy because I find it just so tacky and hilarious. He's a cake topper for bachelorette cakes, but he's actually so outdated that my boss has an abundance of them so... I borrowed one.


Can't you picture him laying on a polar bear rug in front of a blazing red brick fire place? Priceless.

New Generations!


This is Princess Tiana, and she's very important to me because she represents a lot of changes to me. She's Disney's first African-American princess, and she's in Disney's first legitimate interracial relationship (because John Smith and Pochahantas are more suggested than a solid pair). BUT! To me, she stands out because she id the return of Disney's use of traditional animation. Pixar is cool and all, but it's ironically one dimensional. I think animation has so much more character, and meaning. So I very much like Tiana.


Due to the crap I had to put up with during the week has left me with a lot of frustration and a small amount of anger. Sometimes life can really bite you on the ass.... but reguardless you have to keep on pushing forward and never look back.


this one
i don't even know

i bet a hipster made it

i mean it's amazing
but i bet some hipster made it

it's kinda not what i'm going for in this collection because it's so

the end product is what they want the viewer to see.