Tuesday, October 19, 2010

brain collector

YAY! I'm collecting people's thought. How? First of all, I draw a head shape of human and divided it more than 6 parts by using brain shape circles. (their size are all different and the size of divided part means how that part is meaningful to you). And then do what I said above again and again and again and again and again. (Actually it was not smart. I could use copy machine..)
Next, just ask people to fill the head. Before asking I explained the survey"I'm doing my project...curious about people's life and thoughts ....size means.......words, symbol just go crazy, do what you want to do it's your brain...........if you want, you can use nickname,,,,,," And when the brain is filled with thoughts, DONE! I think this is really good chance to meet new people and I can be more close to my friends. (Also, It helps me find my trout.!)

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