Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Since I changed the theme of the collection from record to the quality , i will mention the name and the quality of the shadows.
8. HeraI think i exchanged this with lipstick from my aunt on last summer break. It came out not great on the picture, but actually the shadows have some pearl included. I often used green and pink to highlight the lid, and purple on the edge of the eye. The quality is good but not excellent. I have to add several layers to make the color vivid.

9. Sephora

I got this on this summer from sephora. well.. the quality is okay, but it get smudged after few hours.

10. Mono Couleur

I got it on last fall. On last fall, i was so into dark smokey eye make-up. The pearl is really great on this and it last quite long, however it is hard to blend. The quality is good.

11. Lancome
I got this from my bestie when i was in grade 10. As you can see, the pink and black is used a lot. I used black to prevent the pencil eye liner from getting smudged and pink shadow to highlight the eyebrow bone line. The quality is good but not excellent because the shadow dries very quick.

12. Lancome
I also got this from my bestie! The quality is good but not so well for me since i have hard time controlling these color. I only succeeded using this shadows once.

13. Missha

This is one of my favorite brand XD! The quality is low but the color is great! i only uses this when i want to give some vivid sparkly look on my eye. ( often for nice dinner or party~) It is very shimmery but it gets smudged very very easily, so it is good to only apply on the edge of eye lid for point.

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