Wednesday, October 13, 2010


i've decided that i am going to focus more on how i obtained my shell collection than the actual individual shells in the collection.When i was young my family would go to Kiawa Island which is in South Carolina.

My Aunt had a beach house there and my parents and I would go there in the winters sometimes and it was really fun. Sometimes my aunt and uncle and two cousins would come and we'd all hangout. i had a lot of good memories in that beach house.
we would always go shell collecting on the beach. there were always really cool shells. there were sand dollars and starfish. i really liked collecting crab claws but those smell bad so i always left them at the beach.
we used to take plastic bags with us and i would fill mine by the time we were done.
i'd only pick my favorites to pack up and bring back home to chicago.

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christa said...

love the old family photo!