Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food & Dreams

Hey guys, here's the thing from the British Cheese Board (really) addressing rumours that cheese gives you nightmares, or at least strange dreams. It's from NPR, so you can listen to it, or just read the transcript that's on the site.


Similar rumours abounded about mince pie, according to this article from the Reader around Christmas time. Apparently it gave you hallucinatory dreams if you ate too much, and led to several murders.

Consider the case of Albert Allen of Chicago, arrested in 1907 for shooting his wife in the head. "It was this way," Allen was quoted as saying by the Trenton Times, "I ate three pieces of mince pie at 11 o'clock and got to dreaming that I was shaking dice. The other fellow was cheating and I tried to shoot his fingers off. When I awoke, I was holding the pistol in my hand and my wife was shot."

Read the whole article here:

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