Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ghandi and Hovercrafts

This article is about this awesome hovercraft that a group of Japanese guys designed at Kobe University. But before you get your hopes up, its for seniors... : (

And this article is about a $24,000 pen designed by German pen maker, Montblanc that is pretty much engraved with Ghandi's face on it. However, people are crying foul because who would put Ghandi's face on a pen that costed $24,000 if they knew what he stood for. But, his great-grandson doesn't mind, as he is getting a cut of the profits from the pen to go towards his charity.

And if this gold encrusted $24,000 pen is not quite in your budget, you can settle for the $3,000 roller ball pen or fountain pen.

: )

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