Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh Noes Tiger!

My dream started with me getting a tattoo of a tiger in black ink by this really hot guy in the back of Sears, and when he was finished I got out of the chair and turned around and I was in an apartment where a husband and wife were arguing. The husband was going in and out of the kitchen while his wife was sitting in the living room, all the while yelling out at her in some strange language, and I was following him in and out of the room. Finally he stopped in the living room. And I went to show the wife my tattoo, only to see that it had grown a bunch and was now in color. And then I began to cry. The end. : D

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Trey said...

I overheard some girls in my class today talking about a dream one of them had involving a tiger tattoo. They totally copied you.