Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Alyssa's haunting

Michael : Have you ever had any contract with any supernatural or strange, mysterious occurrences?

Alyssa: Oh, a lot. A lot, actually.

Michael: Give me and example.

Alyssa: I’m pretty sure my old middle school is haunted. (Pause) Yeah, so basically, like, I’d go to the bathroom in my middle school and I would, like, hear footsteps and I’d ask if anyone was there and then I’d look down and there’d be no one there but I could hear the footsteps clearly and they were in the bathroom, like walking, around the stalls, but there was nobody there.

And, um, also at that same school there was, like, this ghost that a bunch of other people would see that was like in the corner, kind of by this hill, and it was like a female figure, like all white, and, like, you would think that you saw something and then you’d look away and it was gone. (Pause) I’m trying to think.

I’m pretty sure that my friend’s basement was also haunted. Like there were people that were actually murdered there and we would sleep over there and we would just like hear really weird sounds. And – it was – it was freaky, it was really scary. Yeah. But I would still sleep there and I’m pretty sure her next-door neighbors were haunted. But, yeah it was weird. There’s a few more but it’s a lot to go into (laughter).

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