Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Milton says...

“Pearl Harbor. Just as soon we land there, y’know with the boat. Dinga-linga-ling! The war is over! The japs surrender. So I was sort of…sad, y’know.”

“I had a Buick and I had an Oldsmobile but I liked the Buick better because it didn’t cost so much gas, see?”

“All my friends, their fathers, were rich, filthy rich. My mother and I, my father, they were the poorest. So now I never see them, see? When you’re rich, you stick with the rich. When you’re poor, you stick with the poor.”

“Has anybody ever bothered you? Pull your hair? Try to touch your breasts? I went to a school like that. But I didn’t do it. I grabbed them outside and I says “next time, you won’t have a hand.””

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