Monday, February 21, 2011

Dream Journal / Blog: Entry #4


I keep having weird nostalgic dreams about my old high school D: this one took a turn for the odd though ...

I remember I was in my school's auditorium or maybe it was the gym and it was this huge assembly or something ... my school's founder was at the auditorium and she was ranting about something ... all the seniors were sitting in this designated area (it reminded me of graduation but it wasn't really because in the dream I knew I had already graduated but it had the same feeling to it) ... our founder then asks the seniors who would be willing to help out with this banquet coming up ... everyone that wanted to help stood up / raised their hands ... I stayed sitting but the founder then goes "no one? OK well then I'll have to just randomly choose" ... she lists off like 5 people, starting with my name, and I'm like "Shit..." ... the dream transitions to the banquet and I guess I'm chosen to hand out flowers (carnations) to the guests who I arrive ... I have two left so I go to where my parents are sitting ... they're arguing, obviously and arguing pretty loudly at that ... I go "You know everyone can here you two arguing right?" and I give them the flowers ... then this bitch from the administration office comes up to me later and goes "Where's the one with the broccoli?" and I'm like "what...?" and she goes "the flowers you were handing out ... one of them had a broccoli on top" ... at this point I'm like what the fuck is going on and I go "uhh no ... one of them did not have that ..." ... I lead her to my parents' seats, I look over at the flowers I just gave them and sure enough the one I gave my mom had the stem of a flower but the head of a broccoli ... I took it from my mom and gave it to the lady ... I apologized a million times and then ALL OF A SUDDEN I'm looking at this advertisement for how to make this bizarre salsa/quacomole sort of thing ... I decide to go to a 7-eleven of sorts (but it's more of a Mexican 7-eleven? It's not racist it's just that the store was more hispanic? more fiesta-y?) ... the guy working directs me to this little fridge at the front of the register that displayed green and red peppers ... but the recipe i was holding showed a picture of an avocado ... he assured me though this was what i was looking for ... all I get from there is this vision of an avocado looking thing that looks like a pepper on the inside ...

So object-wise I now have sushi, a broccoli flower, and an "peppercado" to choose from ... :P D:

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