Sunday, February 20, 2011

kangaroo manicure

i was at this show in the basement of some house completely unfurnished and then the show was over and i was walking around the house through all the rooms and there was this spiral staircase but it was outside and i was inside and then i had to sleep there for some reason. everyone was sleepin on the floor and there were all these blankets so i slept in this nest in the middle of the room. We slept for three days and then i just got up and left and all the lights were on and it was night tine and i was chillin outside by this lamppost and then i was at this other house and it was a party and then i woke up in a really nice bed i went downstairs and went outside. we were in arizona and it was like desert, dead grass type landscape. someone died and all the kids from the show were all mad and they were gettin ready for a war and there was this kangaroo and it had its nails done human bright pink manicure. everyone was running and i was just standing there and the kangaroo was there to take care of me and it was hopping along with me. and then we were in the city and we had to stop cuz the kangaroo needed to get cigarettes and all the kids and i stopped at the cheesecake factory and i chilled outside till the kangaroo was done smoking.. and then i was on a boat . it was a ferry or something but no one was on it

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