Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I remember this clearly from before I was ten years old

My family is having a barbecue in the backyard of our old house in Chicago. It is a bright, sunny day and things seem to be going fine. The light mood is interrupted when a semi-truck crashes into the front of my house. Out of the semi-truck comes a stout grinning stereo-type of a trucker, trucker cap, denim overalls and all. His face is almost cartoonish in the way he is smiling ear to ear, like the Cheshire cat. He picks me up, as I was still a little boy at the time of this dream, and throws me onto his back. He begins to take me with him back to the truck, away from my family and home. I cry out to my mother for help but apparently she cannot hear me, although she clearly sees what is happening, following the trucker and I, on his shoulder, with a look of hypnotized dumbness on her face.

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