Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SLEEP on Radiolab

All right, here's the piece on Sleep that we'll be listening to for this week's homework. It's about an hour long and has three main sections, which means it may be preferable to download and listen to as a podcast HERE. (you can also download it as a podcast from iTunes) We will be discussing it at the beginning of class, so don't put it off too late, but if you do listen earlier in the week I'll ask that you take down notes so that if you're called on class, you can remember key parts that stood out to you, basic info, etc.

For those of you looking for sound-activated recording options, here's a link to the software I mentioned: Dream Capture - though I just read a lot of reviews from people who had trouble getting the free version to work. In looking back at my former student's post, it looks like he wound up just buying a voice recorder from Radio Shack or Best Buy that can be voice activated. Here's the piece he made with that audio for those who are interested.

Looking forward to your posts this week on dreaming and sleep. Sweet Dreams!