Monday, February 21, 2011

Past Dream #1: Three Dreams In The Fog

I haven't done a great job remembering my dreams this week so I thought I would share several of my really vivid past dreams. The one I am going to start with is the only nightmare I really remember having. It was a dream in three, unrelated parts.

The first part of the dream I was in a car with my mom, my best friend, and her mom. We're driving on this really narrow, reallllllllly tall bridge (I'm terrified of heights) and its really foggy and hard to see out. I'm feeling really anxious when suddenly a car appears right in front of ours, out of the fog, heading straight for us. My friend's mom is driving and she swerves so as not to hit the car, but we fall off the edge of the bridge.

As we're falling, before we hit the water, the dream changes. Now I'm walking in a field but its really foggy out and I can't see anything but the ground directly below me. As I am walking I begin to notice how green the grass is, how it stands out against the white of the fog. Then, I begin to notice little dots of color on the ground. As I continue walking I realize that the little dots of color are millions of brightly colored dead birds.

As the horror of that situation sets in the dream changes a third time. This time I'm out in a field again, but I'm not alone. I'm with my high school gym class and we're playing this game called war. We each have a gun and several hand grenades (they aren't real, just props).The field is hilly and it is foggy here too, so there's a lot of opportunity to hide. I remember being really scared, even though I knew it was a game. Everyone was getting really into it, taking it very seriously and it was frightening. It was like everyone forgot it was just a game. I was hiding at the bottom of a hill near some bushes when this girl from my class, her name is Torrie, jumps up behind me a shoots me. I remember everything going black, and thinking, "oh my god, I'm dead." After a couple minutes of lying in the mud in total darkness I remember that its just a game, that I can't be dead. I get up just as the bell rings marking the end of class. I'm shaking and very upset. I go into the locker room to change and in the mirror I see Torrie behind me. She's acting totally normal, laughing with friends, but I feel this intense unease about her, because she was the one who killed me.

The day after having this dream I was really freaked out. From the moment I woke up I felt weird, uncomfortable and uneasy. It was such a vivid, disturbing dream that it was hard to shake.

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