Monday, February 21, 2011

More dreams

I can't remember anymore dreams if I had any in the past few days, and I might as well try sharing a few old ones.

I used to have these dreams that came in a series, though I only really remember two. Sometimes I'll flashback to a dream I had a few years prior, but I don't have dreams like I did as a kid (if I do, I don't remember them). Just to clarify, what I mean by series of dreams is that I'll have a dream one day and the next day my dream will be a continuation of the previous dream. Like a TV show except kind of horrifying.

One particular series of dreams that I remember lasted at least a week. The basic premise of these dreams were that I was living in a half utopia, half distopia world where technology had greatly advanced and there were these amazingly tall buildings. There were also slums and dirty alleyways and a lot of danger. Most, if not all, of the danger was directed towards children. Children, in my dream, were being hunted for either sport or they were seen as a nuisance to the nation. I was part of a group of children who just try to live as long as possible until we weren't children anymore. Each dream began with us running away, a new teammate (oddly, someone who I had seen on TV or someone in real life) and usually that new guy would die among other kids in my group by the end of the dream.

The men, or just a man, who hunted us were big guys with big guns or just really powerful weapons. They enjoyed the sport.

What I remember most vividly is the very last day I had this dream series. We found a car, I think a green jeep, that was sort of abandoned and kind of mounted a bit on its side. It was also in my home, at the end of the hallway that connected to the front door area and had a closet where we kept our junk. Anyway, the smart guy in our group checked out the car and told us that it was good and we could drive it. We all rejoiced, because a car meant we could get away faster and a place to sleep--it was something safer than just running around. Suddenly, a lazer beam shoots up from the ground and through the smart boy's heart. The ground erupts and the hunter comes out with a cry. All of us kids scream and run away in all different directions.

I ran into the kitchen, which is just a bit down the hallway. To explain, there's a small sort of window space that lets you see out of the kitchen to the living room and vice versa. I try to hide in the dark and I see the hunter stalking down the hall, trying to find one of us kids. I suddenly feel a burst of courage, being in my home made me feel safer in a way. I run out of the kitchen and in front of the hunter. I fight with him and I manage to knock him onto the ground. In his hands was the lazer shooter, and before he could use it, I slam my foot on his hand and the controller. I won. The kids rejoice, I pose triumphantly. The End.

As a segway, I had another dream that was similar to this one, except it was just one day. I was the leader of a bunch of children and we were trying to run away from this giant monster creature. I just remember a lot of running in dark, grey-blue lands (kind of like what you'd expect old time Great Britain would look like) and especially running up a series of stairs. I think I lost a shoe at one point, and I remember stepping into a puddle. At the top of the stairs was this giant castle/cathedral like structure which was a safe haven for all the children. I have all the children run into the building, but for some reason I stay back. Either for some reason the building is too full or I decided to face the monster. I remember seeing one kid at each side of the door hiding in crevices with torches in their hands. I hear a growling noise after a short while and I turned to see a giant wolf snarling at me, lunging towards my face. The last thing I remember is its giant teeth and tongue. So I assume I died, since I woke up right then.

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