Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Babies, and Puppies, and Robberies.

I didn't realize we were supposed to be posting, I thought we just needed the journal, I don't know why. Really sorry!

Last night was wierd, I remember having three dreams, two of which I can remember completely and one that I think had something to do with cupcakes? I think about cupcakes a lot recently, haha.

These are from last night:

1. My boyfriend Brian and I were outside of a Fed Ex near my house (what we need Fed Ex for... I have no clue. And he recently, in real life, got into a huge fight with someone at a gas station, where I thought we were both gonna die. Maybe that's where this dream stemmed from? But a homeless man came up to the car. Brian had just gotten out and I was in the car. The man reached for Brian's door and yanked on the handle, and it came opened but I pulled it shut. I was mad and scared so I flipped him off. He started yelling at me and calling me a bitch, and reached for it again, so Brian hit the lock button on the remote key and locked me in and I couldn't get out and I was screaming and crying and trapped in the car because the man pulled a knife and stabbed Brian. When Brian fell, he took the keys and unlocked the car, and stole the cupholder where Brian keeps toll change (it's not removable in real life.)

It felt like I was actually there, so real in fact that I texted Brian at 3:13 AM and said "That was scary. Wewwshouldnt go there anymore+" I only know this because he just texted me "Go where?" and I was like "What?" so I checked my sent box. Yay for REM texting?

2. Had a dream my mom bought a surprise puppy last night. It was a really weird breed, and it was REALLY small. But it had really similar features/qualities to the big flying dog in the Neverending Story. Meh.\

I have some old dreams that I'll literally never forget.

3. When I was 11 or so, my cousin died of cancer, she was 5. I had a dream right after that she was at my house and kept asking to play with me. I said "Pamela, stop, we can't play because you're dead!" and she took a few steps back and asked me why I would tell her that. And then her eyes rolled back and blood came out of every orifice and pore on her face. Scariest dream ever.

4. The day I met Brian, I didn't know his name really I just kinda saw him? Well, that night I dreamt of him, and my subconscious named him Max? I don't know why. ANYWAY. I had an extremely bad crush on Brian in real life so in my dreams, he walked me home from the park and we held hands. I was super happy and went inside and fell asleep.
WELL when I woke up the next morning, I was pregnant. Like full term ready-to-pop preggers. I was like "WTF?!" And told my mom, who immediately kicked me out. I had nowhere to go so I waited at the park til 'Max'/Brian showed up, and told him I had to live with him. He was like 'Sure.' so I got on the pegs on his bike and we went to his house. But I'd never been in his house, just his backyard, and apparently my subconscious couldn't build a house, so I lived in his backyard on an aluminum swing set, hahahaha.
The last part of the dream, I went to a dance by myself (where's Max? No clue.) and no one would dance with me because I was clearly pregnant. And over all the music, I could hear really loud ticking. I was like 'Really? Who brings such a LOUD watch to a dance?' and then the ticking got faster and I started to panic and then my belly exploded and I was just screaming. So scary. I was like 15 when I dreamt this. Absolutely horrifying.

Also, this is tough because I almost ALWAYS dream about babies and marriage because I think about it a lot, and I don't want my project to be annoyingly cutesy gross, nor do I want to post those 'cause it's embarrassing how much I think about those things. And if it's not babies or marriage, it's MCR. Which is a little more embarrassing, but may make better project material? Eh. I'll go with MCR. It's a little less personal, I'm sure no one wants to hear my dreams for my future.

5. I had one recently, and me and like fifteen other people were waiting in a VIP area for a concert, which is going to be in April (April 15th YAYA!). We were going to wait there, for 3 months, on a rickety 'VIP' wooden balcony. In the middle of a lake. So Brian was kinda like, 'Wtf Erin, lets just go home until April.' And I was so opposed to this. I was like 'NO. WE NEED TO JUMP THE LINE.' Well, patience paid off because about ten people left, and everyone was like hesitant. But then Gerard showed up in his Killjoy outfit and was like 'Why did you bother to wait? in this really wise tone. Think Batman in the Dark Knight. That intense. And no one answered, they all kinda just stared. So I yelled, 'Because WHO would miss this show?!!'

Gerard just kinda nodded, and there was a big green light, and everyone was like 'Ahhhh, oohhh,' and then all the remaining 'VIP' people were in superhero outfits (kind of a theme in the new album ha), armed with rayguns and other cool shit. We patrolled the show. It was so cool. Hahahahah I suck.

6. Alyssa is in this one!

So MCR was at my house, but they were all avoiding me because I think I was creeping them out (big surprise. Me creeping, yeah right!).
They were all hungry, so I gave them pizza (I had pizza that night in real life ha.) Then Gerard was whining and said 'I want something sweet...' So I gave him a banana? I dunno. Then I tried to talk to him again, and I was creeping him out so he pawned me off on Mikey, the bassist, and then they all just left without saying goodbye and I was really sad. Well, Gerard pop up chatted me on facebook and was like 'hey what was that food you so piously shared with me today?' and I said 'bananas?' and then he sent me a painting of bananas. I was like YOU PAINTED THAT FOR ME! and he was like 'yup :D!' Then Alyssa chatted me too and was like it's true, he did, I'm right here with him. It was nuts.

tl;dr I have a lot of wierd dreams.

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