Monday, February 21, 2011

I Don't Want Your Boyfriend

I had the oddest dream I've had in awhile last night. I was at the Pilsen fabric store with my sister and mom and I was trying on ready made clothes that they had and I kept on a dress that I really liked and planned to purchase. I was walking around in it and this guy and girl walked past me but the guy grabbed my butt from under the dress. I was going to let it slide for some reason but then he turned around and gave me a disgusting look so I was like "Hey! You can't just do that to me!" and then his girlfriend was like "What the fuck, don't talk to my man" and then I tried to explain that he is not a good boyfriend because he grabbed my ass but she wouldn't listen and tried to beat me up after she put on this weird needle brass knuckle thing the store provided for some reason. The fight was broken up before she got to hit me and the police took the guy away but she was still in the store and I was scared... she was crazy and her boyfriend was a perv.

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