Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i was in a store that was set up like a grocery store but the only sold things... like objects. It was all very surreal-- with bright colors... weird lines. Sort of looked liked my roommate, carlos matul's, paintings.

I had this little book shelf with me. the one that's next to my bed. it had compartments that were not normal to the actual object. I was dragging it around stealing things (folders and and china dolls?) and putting them inside the shelf.

I go to the counter and there's this man who works who looked and acted a lot like this guy named Arthur at this thrift store back home. Arthur in real life is autistic. Arthur in my dream was autistic and yellow.

I put my things up on the belt at the things super market to get bought some of things i had stolen them last time i was there so i quick put them back into bookshelf.

Arthur notices and gets suspicious. I take his snow pants from under the table and try to buy them and then he gets mad annnnd i wake up.

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