Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I was walking in a dark school hallway when I heard footsteps behind me. The lights were flashing and a few flies were circling around them. I walked down the dark corridor without making any sound when suddenly, the footstep behind me started to walk in a faster pace. I was holding a compass like object tightly. In one step, I was in a different place. Somehow I was in a fancy, luxurious hotel room with white satin sheets and white couches. I put the compass-like object on top of a white drawer. The room was rather small with dim lights that gave the room an eerie atmosphere. On the walls, there was a side mirror with a white Victorian design on but I couldn't see my reflection, and a horned skull above the white bed. Out of nowhere, an old friend named Inae appeared in her 20~30 year old form. She still had the same short, jet black bob cut and she was wearing a long black robe. She said "Hi, I was expecting to see you here." Behind her, there was an tall Asian man about in his early 20s, who was wearing an all-black tux. He told me to stay there. I greeted them and asked him who he was. He didn't answer. Rude.
Desperate to see where I was, I walked up to the window, pulled the white curtains and only saw lights. Confused, I asked her where was I. She gave me an evil smile and told me to stay here while they were getting something. These two walked sideways for some reason and I didn't feel like waiting. I grabbed that thing and Inae angrily tried to snatch that away. Before she could get her hands one me, I was awake suddenly.

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