Tuesday, February 22, 2011

salmon the dreamer

This is what I dreamed in February 14th 2011.

I was wearing military uniform and holding a rifle gun. I noticed I was moving in a military truck without knowing where I was going. When I arrived, I saw the paved square ground, which looked like swimming pool with no water in it. I started to look around myself. I was in a dark and gloomy room, but I could still recognize soldiers’ faces. The light shed only on their faces. Then I stopped looking around and faced directly to the paved ground. Suddenly, I realized paved ground was filled with thousands of Vietnamese fishermen. I couldn’t visualize the number of soldiers in dark room, but I could hear their loud screaming noises. What I could see was Vietnamese fishermen wearing aprons and holding sashimi knives. It was funny because they were in barefoot. They were also wearing one sleeve short and one sleeve long shirt, but rolled up. Usually the short sleeve side of hand was holding a knife.

I started to shoot all of them. The Vietnamese fishermen started to fall down one by one. I couldn’t see any blood or sign of pain on their faces.

Few minutes passed quickly. When I relooked at the paved ground, I realized Vietnamese fishermen have changed into little Vietnamese, Mexican, Jewish and Arabian girls and boys. They looked around seven to eight years old. The boys looked younger than the girls. The boys were also wearing dirty white shirts and short pants. The girls were wearing white sleeveless dresses with long hair. Those girls and boys looked really skinny, but they had most dark and beautiful eyes. I knew I had to shoot them anyways. So I started to shoot one by one again. This time, the boys and girls didn’t fall down like how Vietnamese fisherman did. Instead, they were jumping around to grab golden and silver Kisses chocolates and some golden coin chocolate that were falling from the ceiling. It was unusual experience. I felt joy by looking at those shining boys and girls. At the last moment, I shot this one girl’s helium balloon and then I woke up.

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