Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Save the Pudu!

We specialize in therapeutic experiments involving personal interaction and how the general public deals with revealing their thoughts when put in an emotional situation (i.e. given an endangered animal).

In our most recent endeavors our team traveled to the heart of downtown Chicago, with a strong curiosity of the unknown and a few delicacies from the local 7-Eleven. We set up shop near corporate establishments throughout the city, advertising a desire to raise money for an endangered species native to South America. It was through this task that we were able to create an emotional bond between the spectator and this wild Pudu, a sympathetic cry for an animal in need of some simple generosity.

Known as "the smallest deer in the world," the Pudu calls its home Argentina and Peru, placed in the spotlight of danger every day due to deforestation and hungry predators. This tragic reality is in our voices as we shout out to the citizens of the downtown Loop and the surrounding areas for you to look into your hearts and make a donation. Any contribution, small or large, will benefit in saving this endangered species from disappearing forever.

Purchase our merchandise and spread the word to your fellow comrades ... the Pudu needs your help now before it's too late!

Our location varies day to day but we are typically located in the Loop area. We offer anything from tropical fruit to foreign nuts, from baked chips to southern jerky. Donations are welcome as well ... remember, every penny matters! No donation is too small!

So ask yourself ... what would YOU do if your home was threatened by a rabid puma or invading bulldozers? Save the Pudu ... save the world.

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