Monday, February 21, 2011


I had this dream a while ago, maybe a few months, but it was one of those that still haunts me to this day. It had a huge impact on me.

The first thing I remember is being in a desolate forest-like environment with a couple of my friends, talking a walk and all seems normal. My friends are no longer there and I find myself staring at a mud-caked jeep abandoned in the middle of a dirt road. From there I make my way into an old decrepit mansion standing ominously in the wilderness , an enormous structure that seems like it hasn't been occupied in decades. I don't recall actually stepping foot into the place but I have a vague picture of cautiously walking down a corridor so narrow that I even felt claustrophobic in my dream. This corridor leads to a room in which a videotape was playing on a television set of a young girl trapped in a box and inevitably starving to death. This cuts to a scenario in which I am walking up a wooden staircase that seems to have no bottom or top. As I walk up this staircase, a old naked Asian man is running down, passing me by, laughing to himself. It wasn't so much laughing as chuckling, like he had just done something mischievous and was pleased with it, like a child would when ringing a doorbell and running away. This was the last image I remember from this particular dream.

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