Monday, February 11, 2013

Reading response and Phantosmia

I found really interesting from the taste reading, the data that explains the different parts of the tongue taste the sour or sweet, the first thing that came into my mind is that if you place the same food in different places of you mouth would it taste different? Would the taste intensify or become less intense? Concerning the reading about scents, I found extremely interesting the idea that smells can deceive you. I just immediately went into Descartes first meditation, where he doubts reality because of his senses. The thought of identifying a smell varying depending on color, or language was very intriguing to me; it makes you think of how can you manipulate the way other perceive their external world.

This hyperlink is an article about phantosmia, a disease where your olfactory perception is distorted. Concept i found really interesting in the reading, but intensified to extremes.

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