Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Making Sensory 2/19

All righty, here's this week's checklist:

READ: the short Intro to Horowitz's book "The Universal Sense"
MAKE: a 1-minute sound project using your 5-minute clip from last week as the basis. The end result should be sound-focused, but can be:
* a digitally altered sound file played through headphones or speakers
* mixed with other sensory media (smell, texture, etc)
* translated into instrumental or vocal performance
* participatory

TITLE: your finished work. Consider how your title might change or enhance our perception of the sound work.

POST: a link to a sound-related project or resource of interest. As always, be sure to include:
* your own response to it (a few sentences)
* an active web link
* an image/video/sound clip!

*the reading
*your sound work and title
*a pair of earbuds or headphones
*a kneadable eraser or small chunk of clay
*a pencil

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