Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Making Sensory 2/12

Hello all -  this week you will collect sound and watch three short videos in addition to the reading. No blog post is due! Here's this week's checklist:

RECORD: Five (5) minutes of digital audio collected from somewhere other than a school/home building. This will be your raw material for next week's project: we will edit and alter it in class.

Simple recording options: use Audacity (free download), Adobe Audition, or other audio recorder on your laptop. OR you may record using a smartphone or check out a field recorder from the media center at school.

Your five minute recording can be a single long take or made up of multiple short recordings. It can be performed or ambient sound. Great excuse to visit the Chicago stock exchange room, an echoey tunnel, the zoo... or just to listen to what goes on around you on the street.

in addition, you'll need to

READ: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller review, NY Times (highlight/underline passages of interest for discussion).
VIEW: the following two Cardiff and Miller videos with headphones to give context to the reading (using headphones does make a difference):

VIEW: Christine Sun Kim video below
write down THREE questions you have for Christine, and bring with you to class. She'll be our visiting artist next week, live from New York via Skype (!)
Christine Sun Kim, A Selby Film from the selby on Vimeo.

so, for next week BRING WITH YOU: 
* the week's reading
* your laptop with 5 minutes of recorded audio on it
* earbuds/headphones
* 3 questions for Christine Sun Kim

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