Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Punk Rock Martha Stewart Baker Will Tear Your Kitchen Apart

So, I was reading through the best of Craig's List, and I said, "You. I would like to draw you."

Punk Rock Baker

As far as the folk tale goes, I had an illustrated version of "The Tinderbox" by Hans Christian Andersen when I was little. Sadly, that book (along with the coin that it came with) have fallen prey to me growing up. There are, however, countless retellings of it strewn across the internet.

Here's a bit to pique your interest.

" “Get money,” she replied; “for you must know that when you reach the ground under the tree, you will find yourself in a large hall, lighted up by three hundred lamps; you will then see three doors, which can be easily opened, for the keys are in all the locks. On entering the first of the chambers, to which these doors lead, you will see a large chest, standing in the middle of the floor, and upon it a dog seated, with a pair of eyes as large as teacups. But you need not be at all afraid of him; I will give you my blue checked apron, which you must spread upon the floor, and then boldly seize hold of the dog, and place him upon it. You can then open the chest, and take from it as many pence as you please, they are only copper pence; but if you would rather have silver money, you must go into the second chamber. Here you will find another dog, with eyes as big as mill-wheels; but do not let that trouble you. Place him upon my apron, and then take what money you please. If, however, you like gold best, enter the third chamber, where there is another chest full of it. The dog who sits on this chest is very dreadful; his eyes are as big as a tower, but do not mind him. If he also is placed upon my apron, he cannot hurt you, and you may take from the chest what gold you will.” "

- J

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