Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i saw u

Several of you have posted movies as a good place to start thinking about narrative. Now lets get back to the project at hand. What literary excerpts and classified ads will inform your projects this week? The more you post, the more we'll have to work with.

Speaking of classified ads, here are two from the Chicago Reader. I doubt these two would connect very well, but enjoyed the contrast:

girl walking dog congress theatre
u were walking it dog and said , he wants u to pet him, so I did. I was on break from working at the congress, zz top video shoot. I wanted to talk more but did not have time.

feeling "unsettled" about skyscraper foundations.
The only thing I got out of Clyde Baker's lecture was a tremendous amount of respect for engineers. Everything he said went way over my head. I went hoping to better understand the foundations of the world's tallest skyscrapers, and I can't say that I achieved that. But I had a good time regardless, and found the ravioli to be delicious. Anyhow, I think I caught you smiling in my direction. You were probably just amused to see a girl in red cowboy boots look so lost in a room full of genius engineers. Even so, I was looking forward to talking with you but my friend had to leave prematurely and I wanted to see her off. Send me a note if you see this, and maybe you can explain his lecture to me over coffee. I'm a visual learner though. So to understand I need pictures - that aren't covered over by numbers and scary looking equations.

Incidentally, I find it interesting that these things seem to describe footwear just as often (if not more often) than hair, eyes, or other characteristics: Chicago Reader "I Saw You" Ads.

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