Monday, April 6, 2009

The Full Moon and Your Sleep Cycle

Have you ever had trouble sleeping when the moon is close to the peak of it's cycle? Just last night, I only got 2 hours of sleep -- sure enough, we're a few days away from the full moon. I talked to James in the morning, and he said that he had trouble sleeping as well. Maybe we're just werewolves...

Here's an article about how the moon affects our sleep cycles.

Does the Moon Affect Our Sleep?

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J. said...

I have really bad sleeping difficulties throughout the month, however, when there is a full moon it is much worse. During the days around and of the full moon I do not sleep at all. It is very strange, I have tried researching it, however, I cannot find any concrete evidence. I dont think your werewolves though! I think there are strange energy pulls upon the globe when there is a full moon that effect various aspects of the human body and mind.