Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I was on a boyscout camp out, and I had  broken knee, ki wanted go be faster so I got roller blades. First k had o try roller lading in the city. Just a few of my friends stayed, then I dithched them and learned how to ru up the stairs with the roller blades. Then I met up wth my daad, and I told him to watch me roller blad down this rocky trail, I made and did it with satye. Then we came to our campsite, there my dad wwas explaining the site, there was a a huge chandelier 1000 feet up that had fallen right next to the campfire, and it wwas made out of metal, y dad said there were heat boxes kin the middle that would ha\ve made it glow, I didn’t believe him when he said a thousand feet, then I looked odf into the distance and saw this mountain that looked jus like the one in the last lord of the rings, the second to last battle , u know the city one

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