Friday, March 6, 2009

Unusual Eating Experiences

So, out of curiosity and to follow up on the complete-darkness restaurant trend I'd mentioned earlier, I looked into the matter again, and was surprised to find that a lot of these places have popped up around the world.

I found a pretty comprehensive listing of blind eateries HERE, and it was interesting to note the differences between them. For instance, some use blind waitstaff, while others employ infrared goggles or just blindfolds, leading to a different sort of experience (being seen by others changes the dynamic quite a bit). Most emphasize the heightening of the senses that occurs when eating in the dark. Others, like Whale Inside, focus more on the loss of inhibitions (er, groping) that might happen in such a situation. Dans le Noir (In the Dark) has a very informative Q &A page.

All this led me to stumble across some more unusual dining experiences, including toilet restaurants, restaurants suspended from cranes, and (gasp) actually relevant to our project, this Hospital Restaurant in Latvia, which serves food resembling human organs as well as more traditional dishes designed to be eaten with scalpels, syringes, and IV drip bags, with the option of being fed while tied up in a straight jacket. Yikes.

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tumul2ous said...

ahahaha!!!! let's do animal-looking food!!!! like, make it look furry and everything!!! or... not...