Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Play with your Food

In the spirit of making art that incorporates eating, it seems pertinent to mention a few things I've come across recently. At the Sharjah Bienalle in the United Arab Emirates, Thai art collective SOI set up this unusual fruit stand that allowed visitors to fold printed paper fruit, then decide whether to keep it or exchange it for real fruit. Playful and provocative, the project raises questions about the economy of food (and of art) in an accessible and participatory way for both the art elite and everyday passers-by.

Rirkrit Tiravanija made a name for himself in contemporary art by, among other things, cooking and eating meals with people as a springboard for dialogue and connection. Just last year he hosted one such event here at SAIC's Sonny's Cafe. Hot on his heels is Corin Hewitt, who took over part of the Whitney Museum and turned it into his own kitchen/laboratory/studio. This NY Times article discusses Hewitt's practice, and also mentions many important precedents in the history of meal-making and food in contemporary art.

Finally, check out the lengths some people go to in making a visually appealing lunchbox!

What kinds of creative projects have you come across around the subject of eating and food? Post 'em!

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