Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Garrison Keillor Editorial in the Trib

Garrison Keillor had a piece in the Chicago Tribune published on Wednesday, March 25th with a headline of, "Spring reminds that we'd rather be artists." As first glance, this piece looks like it would be pro-artist and have a positive outlook about the lives of those in the arts. However, if you read farther along in the article, you'll come across one of the most scathing remarks about artistic trades that has been made in a very long time.

"In spring, a person's thoughts naturally turn toward what you would rather be doing than earning a living, and in America this usually means Being An Artist."

I guess no artists out there make a living...that's encouraging for someone who is about to go into the arts as a business, huh?

Read Keillor's musings here, yo.

- Justin

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