Friday, March 6, 2009

The Sound of our Dinner,
is the atmosphere of our dinner. The Atmosphere of our Zoo...

In this respect, I'd like to add something to the sound of our Dinner.
I'm thinking of using a few different tools and instruments, but I could use some help/opinions for what the desired outcome of our "sound atmosphere" will look like...

Help paint me a picture and i'll perhaps my sound will sing you a nice tune,
perhaps from the clack of a spoon,
or the strum of a bass,
that yell from the goon,
it's more than half past noon,
Save me some space,
I hope you all are saving some face.
Floor Sixteen is a most Excellent Place.

Until next time comrades,
Bye Bye


1 comment:

christa said...

nice poem, and idea. I like your spoons-clacking idea. What would a zoo-like din of silverware sound like? What does hunger sound like?