Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rudy -da man

Me - "Tell me about the war"
Rudy - "The president, he pissed the Japanese off, and thats where it started. The war goes on and on and on, they say its gonna stop, they'll tell you that, but they're lying. I got shot in the bellybutton..."
Me - "Shit"
Rudy - "...yeah, and they didnt take it out!"
Rudy - "We take our men out there, and half of them get slaughtered"
Rudy - "Theres no stopping the wars. Were you in the service?"
Me - "No, I couldnt shoot anything."
Rudy - "I gotta shoot those sons of a bitches, or they'll shoot me, you gotta know that, ok?"
Me - "Ok."
Rudy - " Dont ever go into the service... were you in the service?... Its just rocks out there.... man its bad over seas."
Me - "Did you have family?"
Rudy - " Settled down, after I got back, i have my babies, have my wife, settle in an apartment. I put my two arms around her. Said hi to my babies, [they] said hi, and they send me back!"

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