Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Interview Images

Hey all, here's a pool of photographs that Christa and Xavier took during our interview visit (move your cursor over the bottom of the slideshow for more images, including some from great ones from Etta and Irene). A lot of the "avant garde" compositional choices were for the privacy of the residents we talked with. There are more photos on our Memory Museum photoset. These are the start of our collective research archive, and can be used as the basis for zine illustrations or comics, repurposed into a slideshow, video, or collage.

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SubcultureArt said...

When I was looking at these pictures, I had forgotten that we weren't allowed to photograph the resident's faces. I was sitting here thinking, "Man, you guys are trying to get really abstract and edgy photos, huh?" Haha!

My experience at the retirement home was very good. I was paired with a man named Milton Doogal. As you all saw, he picked me out of the line-up -- I didn't have to do much work at all. The common question he kept asking me was, "So what else do you want to know?" Immediately followed by him starting into another story without me asking anything. The information that he was spilling ranged back and forth between very personal accounts of life events, and an insider view of living at the home.

When I got it completely typed out, the interview came out to be 10 pages! I'm looking forward to sharing some of Milton's wonderful insight (such as how he made it to 81 and how to keep a successful marriage going) with you guys next week.