Monday, March 11, 2013

Touch Project

Hayoung and I covered the handle of a trash can with a think layer of gel hand sanitizer and stood back to watch people's reactions as they went to throw away garbage. We figured that the common reaction to a cold, wet, gooey mystery substance on a trash can would immediately make people freak out, the way Covey said he doesn't like touching liquid he can't see. And sure enough, we watched a woman go to throw away a coffee cup and she was very shocked when she touched the handle; she looked disgusted and upset, so we decided to go over and explain that it was actually hand sanitizer, so it was cleaning her hands, rather than infecting them with whatever conclusion her mind had jumped to. She laughed at that, but was still disgusted by it, especially because of the element of surprise. She wished us luck on our project but refused to have her picture in it.

1 comment:

Covey Gong said...

awesome girl. Nice sabotage lmao.