Tuesday, March 1, 2011


sorry i had not have really good sleep over few days,
and due to my religion, i could not share most of my dreams.

i will just share the dream i had before.

1. the ghost
I don't know why, but i was doing laundry with my highschool friends.
We were waiting in line to give our clothes to the laundry people.
and i saw my mom.
After doing laundry, i found myself standing at the shore of a random lake.
The atmosphere of the lake was very creepy. It was subtle, with awkward silence and very foggy.
The weather suddenly changed to winter. I saw the lake quickly getting frozen.
When I look down on my feet, I saw a fishing pole.
I have never done fishing, but i was fishing.
I threw a fishing line over the horizon line, and i stroke something.
As i stroke the thing, under the frozen surface of the lack,
I realized that the thing that i stroke was a full dressed clothes.
A white t-shirt, a pants with a shoulder strap, and a pair of brown shoes.
The clothes were in shape if as a person is wearing them.
As soon as i realized the thing, the clothes, I saw the black shadow slipping under the clothes and quickly disappear to the horizon of the lake.

Within only a few second, i saw eyes, the eyes of the black shadow.. starring at me.

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